BCMTouring turns 12

Yogesh Sarkar

BCMTouring.com has turned 12 today, another milestone in an unending journey of exploration, full of exciting twists and turns, with wonderful and passionate companions like you for the company.

Over the years, BCMTouring has evolved from the first and only road trip forum in India (Bicycle, Car and Motorcycle Touring) to a travel community spanning all forms and types of travel. After all, for most if not all of us, it is the excitement and adventure of travel that matters more than anything else regardless of whether we are traveling in our own vehicle or backpacking in state transport buses or sitting on the deck of a luxury cruise line, watching the dolphins swim along.

Over the coming years, we aim to keep growing and evolving to better cater to your travel needs and become the only go to the place you need to refer to for all your travel queries.

Thank you for being part of this journey,
BCMTouring Moderation Team
Anup Mathur, Amit Tyagi, Salil U, Shamik Banerjee and Yogesh Sarkar


Chalo .......let's go.
First of all congratulations to BCMT family. Yogesh you did a wonderful job and I must say the most beautiful gift I ever got is your forum. Getting really nostalgic. I met some wonderful friends here. I learn to explore more from here only. I got immense pleasure sharing my words here. In office too I used to open the page and scroll the news feed beside my work. But after the Whatsapp and Facebook chapter , slowly I became less active in the forum. Most of the known active members become too busy. I really want to read the travelogues here, see the exceptional photos here. Hope every member will be active again just like a family reunion . Happy Birthday BCMT.