Being a millennial - Ignis automatic ownership , tinsel blue with white roof .

Nikhil S Rajan

Dear mates ,

It's been 2 years and one month with my Celerio Zxi(o) manual 2015 continuing the thread Celerio Zxi o . So the consideration for a new automatic was on my mind . Test drew almost every automatic except for honda Jazz and honda Brio since the ASC HONDA dint have any automatic to test drive more over manual jazz was too lethargic and hated it like
Anything except for its looks and space . Brio was not under consideration . Had plans for Dsg gear box so started to test drive with Skoda rapid , felt good but the diesel clatter and suspension along with breaking was not up to the mark . The cost of maintanance and emi questioned and retained me as I have to go for a new car soon replacing my 11 year old civic . Still I went for the calculation as my travel was increasing day by day and traffic too was proportionally increasing . But the economics on maintanance and lethargic diesels after say 50k km on odo was a real question for me . As I have been only using petrol cars from my child hood I couldn't settle myself for a diesel . Still I went for test driving Ameo as my dad said u r replacing celerio so don't go for a sedan . Even Ameo felt over priced for its DSG , went in for test drive of Vento felt ameo better in terms of engine noise and vibration . Decided my mind for petrol automatic and went for ford ecosport automatic but the dealer only had aspire automatic cvt . They said they have the same engine option for ecosport . Test driven the same felt awesome . Power delivery was perfect but had a lag of the CVT . But the mileage were only single figures was the only problem . So decided to test drive Ignis AGS and Baleno CVT , had driven Baleno CVT and Polo GT TSI comparing both Baleno was better in terms of drivability and spacing along with economics . So this time I said I will drive Ignis AGS first and compare with Baleno . Ignis the outer aspect I loved the design and the shades . Was keen since its lounge and was reading all threads on Ignis and loved the way Suzuki had incorporated the styling keeping and retaining elements from older generation Suzuki cars ridge told from Ss80 the old Maruti 800 to the recent Grand vitara . A mellennial car aimed for Mellnnials . Interiors were aswsome I love the dash design and plastics felt lot improved even the seats provided better thigh and lumbar support seats I would say better than polo and Baleno even any above the competition. Test driving AGS was like playing a video game . Bet felt responsive than celerio AMT , might be cause of VtVt engine with 88bhp @6000 rpm and the engine for ignis and Baleno were the same . The sales executive was one of my friends collegue , Mr Anandu from NEXA Pallimukkku, Kollam , Kerala . The best part of this guy was he dint impose anything on to me . He could realise I was only for a search for automatics and my considerations for an automatic . He had good knowledge and came above my expectations as he could catch up to me in reviewing the cars I had test driven . Ignis felt planted and I loved the car . The next drive was Baleno CVT . I wanted to test drive it again soon after test driving Ignis as I could compare easily between both . Baleno the outer profile don't impress me , neither the inner dash board . Space inside was more over same as that of ignis . Drive felt better than ignis on city traffic but wasn't Peppy like the ignis , highway performance for cvt Baleno was below average and the cvt dint provide any sports mode neither manual mode for Revving up during hard overtaking situations . Had my heart for ignis in terms of outer design, inner design and comfort . Then came the worst part could realise that AGS was not available at highest trim alpha , the top most AGS trim was zeta and it was 44 thousand rupees less than Alpha manual trim for which it had an extra features like drl projector head lamp , inside touch screen infotainment system , automatic climate control and driver seat height adjust . Was really unhappy about the trim level for AGS version since I had my mind only on automatic . The zeta petrol had one feature less than my Celerio Zxi o that was the driver seat height adjust . They said they can change the seat to Alpha version for an extra of 10k rupees which I was willing but they couldn't promise me on the time the spare seat would be avilable . The alloys on ignis wasn't of my liking neither he tyre size . Soon I searched for Pcd of ignis and it matched with celerio as I had changed OE alloys and wider Tyers of my Celerio to new set of 15 inch alloys and 195/55/ 15 contis which hardly had run 10k kms I thought of swapping alloys from cerrio to ignis and ignis to celerio with the black alloys and 175/65/15 Bridgestone ecopia rubber and the true value people were ready for it . The prix quote of Celerio was just ok not that good still I thought of exchanging it . Now he question was the colour I was thinking on for glistening grey and they dint have he colour ready at stock , so booked the car and went home . Asked them to bring their test drive car to swap the alloys and to see how it looks , even had to show dad , Mom how the car looked like . Te test drive car was tinsel blue with white roof , mom loved that colour and she wanted me to change my colour choice to break the monotony. Luckily the NEXA people had the same one in stock a new AGS ZETA IGNIS was there at the yard . Swapped alloys and found it went on well with the colour . On 29th may I went on with the money and exchanged my Celerio swapped alloys to New ignis even before PDI that was really kind of my school mate friend who is working at NEXA Mr Shine , Sales person Mr Anandu and Mr Tony they all stood behind me to support me the way I wanted it to happen . On 31 st may 3.00pm as they promised dad took delivery of his 5th car the IGNIS none of its kind , Tinsel blue with white AGS Zeta . Will update with its review as I drive as of now it's 170 km on Ido with 17.6 kmpl on display on mixed traffic. I thank my friend Shine and his collegue Mr Anandu and Mr Tony from NEXA Pallimukku , Kollam, Kerala for their support and kindness . I would give 10/10 for the way they handled me through out my purchase . Thanks once again . Would update the thread as it comes .


















Nikhil S Rajan

Hello mates ,
It's been 3 days with my Ignis covered more than 600km on its odo and getting an average of around 19kmpl , driven it on mostly in city as well as long stretch highway roads . Car when compared to Celerio Zxi o feels more premium , seating comfort and handling has increased appreciably . The inside cabin feels more welcoming and roomy even for 4 people on board . Engine is peppy , even though it is an AGS ( Auto gear shift ) as they say gear changes are slightly noticeable at times when I get panicked during heavy traffic and would get to search for the gears . Only panicking situation I have searched the Gear and now I am getting used to AGS . Since its rainy out here most of the time could really appreciate the visibility and use of deffoger and rear wiper which was their even in my old Celerio Zxi o but the rear wipe is 360 rather than 180 deg as in Celerio which provides more rear visibility . Worried about the rear wheel arch which has a tendency to get scratched in tight clumsy situations . Have to really see the side view mirror to negotiate at tight parking situations . The push button start and remote key provides better convenience . Overall I give 9:10 for its drivability , comfort , and convenience . Attaching pics





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Congrats Nikhil on your new babe - IGNIS.
I hope Ingress and Egress is not an issue for you and your family.

I had trouble getting in and out of IGNIS.