Being a millennial - Ignis automatic ownership , tinsel blue with white roof .


Mediocre me
195 is becoming rare tyre now.
185 and 205 is most common these days. I can imagine 205 would look really cool on Ignis.
Yes, the ride does become much better on bigger tyres. Enjoy your ride.

How is AMT behaving. Has it become more jerky with time?
AMT in my zest diesel after 85K needed bearing replacement and not very smooth anymore. Thanks to traffic, software showed that AMT did nearly 50K gear changes in last 7 years.

Hello mates .
Last week my pocket rocket ignis went in for its 50k km paid service . This time with regular service had to change the break pad which showed good amount of wear though according to them it has done it’s job till 50k km Mark . Total damage to my pocket came to 6276 ₹ . Changed my existing tyers which had run 60k kms (10k km on my old Maruti Celerio) . Was hard to get continental MC5 due to import restrictions , especially 195/55/15 ones had to change to 205/55/15 mc5 . The ride quality has improved leaps and bounds . Each tyer costed me 6550₹ .

Nikhil S Rajan

So with both cars you have clocked 150 k km, good going buddy.
Ignis looks really good.
Yes , that’s the reason why I went for two petrol automatic , keeping a single diesel car was economical but the ride quality matters to me . What I feel is keeping two cars is worth than keeping a single car worth the cost of 2 .

Nikhil S Rajan

Hello mates
My pocket rocket has completed 80k kms in its odo . This time I got it serviced at SARATHY auto cars , Maruti authorised service centre at Kottiyam , Kollam . Since it was a major service and my car had some sort of sound when going through pot holes on the road as well as steering virbrations felt while breaking at speeds above 70 kmph . Mr Vinod customer care head and Mr Harikrishnan service advisor at SARATHY helped me with sorting out the issues . They checked each and every bit of the car and came up with suggestions other than normal 80 k service which included changing of front rotors and steering column . The normal paid 80 k service included engine oil and filter change, break fluid change with cleaning and bleeding of breaks , coolant change , spark plug change , air filter change ( dint do that as I had shifted to K& N OE filters long back which was serviced by myself and oiled ) Ac filter change and alternator belt change . Along with all these did changing of rotors 2no , steering column change , alignment and balancing with tyer rotation . All together it costed me 18700₹ . The car now feels and rides like a brand new car. Posting pics of the same . Both my pocket rocket Ignis AGS 2017 and honda city Zx Cvt 2017 completed its 80k kms service .


Nikhil S Rajan

Congrats !

You have a New Car now !
True that . Both cars are really doing great . Feels like brand new ones even now . Hond city Zx Cvt 2017 costed me 8134₹ for its 80 k service . Changed its CVT transmission oil , engine oil and filter change , break cleaning and inspection . Together both cars costed me arround 27k ₹ on my pocket . Feels like if I owned a single car it wouldn’t have run so meticulously through these years . As both are petrol and automatic the ride comfort is as good as new .