Being a millennial - Ignis automatic ownership , tinsel blue with white roof .

Nikhil S Rajan

Hello dear fellas ,
Was really busy with work so couldn't update much on my new ride . Done with its first service at ASC . Even though the odo reads around 1200km they dint say anything as it's said 1000km or one month . It took only 7 days for 1200km . Did regular check up . Took tweaky accessories like the air cap with Suzuki emblem and wooden finish decal for the remote entry . Total of 890 inr was the damage . The car feels more planted and the ride quality is good .









Nikhil S Rajan

Hello fellas ,
It's been a while since I have updated on my ride , done with more than 3k kms on its odo with mileage of 18.5 kmpl Ignis is some thing that keeps me going all the way on my consultations in out of the city . Today got my interior styling kit from NEXA Pallimukku , had ordered it during my purchase of my car and it arrived 3 days back and NEXA Pallimukku accessory head Mr Saji and accessory wear house manager Mr Linesh were curtious enough in procuring one of them, as accessory for NEXA was hard to arrive due to heavy demand . They were curtious enough to take me along with my ride as i was really interested in seeing how it was attached. With in no time the service guys headed by Mr Pradeep did the work very authentically . It's worth mentioning about the customer service provided by NEXA Pallimukku and would rate it 10/10 . Have more accesories to arrive will update once its been attached to my car . Pics would tell rest of the story .
Happy motoring , Drive safe .







Nikhil S Rajan

Hello fellas ,
Its been close to two months and my ride had clocked more than 5k km on its odo done with its second free service at ASC Popular motors kollam . Have no issues or niggles with my car , still giving a whooping 18..7Kmpl in an automatic . Car feels more planted after its second service .


Nikhil S Rajan

Hello friends ,
It’s been long since I have updated on my pocket rocket as I was busy with work and was behind my new ride the new Honda city Zx cvt 2017 replacing my 11 year old Civic which had clocked more than 1 lakh on its odo . Ignis has crossed more than 9k km on its odo. Driving ignis is different from driving city Zx cvt as both engines have different transmission . We have to let loose the accelerator of ignis during gear changes for a smoother drive but have to be very light on throttle of city and should tap gently for a smoother ride as CVT DOSENT FEEL AND GEAR CHANGES . More over ignis feeels more peppy to drive than city . I haven’t used sports mode as it’s in running in period . Upsized tiers of city and changes OE ALLOYS TOO from 185/55/16 to 215/45/17 attaching some pics