Being a millennial - Ignis automatic ownership , tinsel blue with white roof .

Nikhil S Rajan

Hello fellas,
It’s been some time since I have discussed on my pocket rocket IGNIS AGS , today completed 10k in less than 5 months time . Made it slow as I have my new ride Honda City Zx CVT 2017 which too is running on All alternate days and have covered more than 3 k on its odo in 2 months time . Will update on ignis 3 rs free service at 10k as soon as possible .




Nikhil S Rajan

Hello friends ,
Today my pocket rocket went in for its 3 rd free service (10000km) . Done with a general check up with engine oil and filter change , total damage 1331₹ . Engine feels too smooth after the oil change . Haven’t done a long drive to see for the performance , will update on performance variation and feel on coming weeks .
Happy motoring



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Engine does feel smooth but later on we get accustomed to it and we do not get the feel.
Later on there is a difference which we will not feel till the car goes for next oil change.

Nikhil S Rajan

Hello friends ,
Did my wheel alignment and balancing today at near by Bridgestone select centre where routinely check my cars shoes . The continental on my ignis have run 20k kms , 10k on my old celerio and 10k on my ignis . Tyers still look new , no much thread wear . Hope it would stay another 20k kms . Total damage on pocket 550₹


Nikhil S Rajan

Hello friends ,
It’s been quite long since I have updated on my pocket rocket the ignis , have clocked more than 12k km on its odo , figures on odo haven’t been moving forward as it used to since I have been using my honda city Zx cvt 2017 for my daily rides . Their is a phenomenal difference in driving an AGS and a CVT as both of them are entirely different in charecter . I feel AGS to be more peppy initially when I first started of with Cvt but now things have changed . CVT feels more smoother and in counting triple digits on speedo than AGS . The transition from driving for an AGS to CVT Is would be same as transition from driving a diesel to a petrol . I think have to start a new thread on driving and AGS vs CVT .




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Thanks for this awesome post related to Ignis.

Need help on Ignis tyre upgrade. I am confused between 185/60 and 195/60, though I am inclined to 195 my concerns are
1) Is 195 more wider/fatter and stuck out from sides and may rub against the suspension or walls while turning
2) Does FE affects a lot because of 195