Best Place to eat in Nainital.


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I am going to Ranikhet this weekend & will probably touch Nainital for sometime.
Planning to have a meal there - so, anything that's best of the best there ??
I am looking forward for a place that serves both veg & non-veg food. A bar would be an icing on cake ;)
Thalis, momos and mouth-watering homemade chocolates and sweets keep this place busy, but there’s also a big range of veg and nonveg Chinese, Indian and Continental dishes. Wi-fi available. Located off the Mall.
I have been somewhat a regular traveller on this route but have still not come across any good Dhabha between say Noida - Haldwani. Any pointers anyone ?
Incidentally there is one Dhabha just next to McD in the same complex but now it has fallen in quality :(.

I feel that out of all the highways going out of Delhi, delhi-chandigarh is still the best. Be it food in Dhabhas or road condition(YE excluded)


just after crossing "Garhmukteshwar" towards muradabad you can have break at "skylark" restaurant on the way and in Nainital just entering Mall road via kaladungi you can check "Purohit Restaurant" or "Cafe-de-Mall" both are good in service as well as quality :)
Thanks mate. Looks like no dhabha on this route

There is one such restaurant on the other side of road, I think it is called Baba Dhabha but is now more like a restaurant complex , somewhat like Haveli on Del-Chd route


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Udupiwala Restaurant,sakley's restaurant & pastry shop,Embassy, Chandani Chowk,Sher-E-Punjab, Sonam’s Momos,Machan, these are good restaurants in Nainital, you will love their food.


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The best dhabas on this route are at gajraula. Stop at AH1 petrol pump and you have tadka (Noida to Rampur and bhajan(Rampur to Noida) side. These two are good dhabas.