Best Places For Food In Amritsar


Your safest bet will be to stay in the Dharamshalas maintained by Sri Harimandir Sahib authorities.

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If for any reason, you won't get any rooms here, worry not, there are plenty of budget hotels around Golden Temple only.

I stayed at Hotel Robin (booked through and it was a OK type of property. The best thing about the place - Its barely 2 mins walk to Jaliawala Bagh and 5 mins to Sri Harmandir Sahib.

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Please suggest him here in his thread:

At this time of the year it is difficult to get accommodation in the premises of Golden Temple.
What about food etc ?


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I am back with a report of food places to visit while in Amritsar.
a. Kanha Sweets- Lawrence Road: I have visited this place around 7 years back and it seems that quality and service has degraded since then. I had a plate of Puri Chana cost Rs 80 (for 2 puris), the waiters are too busy to clean the table or serve you even though when the restaurant is only having 10 customers. The taste of onions served along ,doesn't complement the overall flavour. If possible avoid this place.


b. Munim Di Hatti : Few shops down from Kanha Sweets is Munim Di Hatti. We tried Sweet Lassi @Rs 40..the taste is fine, loads of butter on top of lassi.

c.Makhan Restuarent : Nice Fish, must try

d. Bittu Meat Wala : HIGHLY Recommended: Famous for Tandoori Meat, This is the first time i had this kind of delicacy and i must recommend this for any non-veg lover. It's simply awesome.

e. Beera Chicken : A bit of disappointment: Tandoori Chicken is Okish, nothing really to write about, i had better versions of the dish at many other places. Chicken Kebab: Too much Salty, we had to return this dish and they never charged us for the same.

e. Kesar Dhaba: Highly Recommended for Laccha Parotha ,Tarka Dal and Phirni. We also tried Shahi Paneer which was a bit of disappointment, hence can be avaoided.
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