Best Places For Food In Amritsar


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What about the lassi on Lawerence road at Ahuja's ...if am not mistaken. there is this famous puri channa or he serves aloo...i saw it on Highway on my Plate ...they were raving so much about that guy's puris and sabzi..on Lawerence road. ....its like sayin there is no gud food in Chandni chowk...Amritsar has great food...
Krishna Sweets is the name and they call it Puri Launji there. Though must say that it has started its downhill slide.
The must trys in Amritsar are the Kulcha wala at Maqbool road (available only in first half), Makhan Fish & Beera Chicken on Lawrence Road.


Bhrawan da dhaba is overyhyped, like every once-successful now rotten startup. Had a greatly overpriced sarso saagm make di roti there and believe me, I can cook better than them!


Planning to visit Amritsar this weekend..
I am really confused with the conflicting reviews.. :confused:
Does anyone has any fail-safe foodie avenues in mind??
There are many places to explore and best food can be found at road-side. Here is the list of Best Restaurant and joints of Amritsar.Kesar da Dhaba,Beera chicken,Gurudass ram Jalebi wala,Kulcha land etc.


Planning to visit Amritsar this weekend..
I am really confused with the conflicting reviews.. :confused:
Does anyone has any fail-safe foodie avenues in mind??
Currently in Amritsar 'food lovers paradise', here is the list of Restaurant with pros and cons
1. Kesar da Dhaba: Amazing Food but located in narrow streats of old Amritsar you have to leave your car walk down in narrow lanes some thing like one left two rights types.
2. Beera Chicken: Famous for its Roasted chicken for which it made its way to FOOD FOOD and many more tv channels, but personally speaking I love its Rara Mutton and Rara Chicken more.
3. Kulcha Land for kulcha is famous joint No comments for it
4. Station 69 (at end of Laurence Road) Must try Roasted Chicken : best Roasted Chicken in Amritsar, Served like sizzler :p
5. Famous Fried Fish
Now little bit of Veg Stuff
6. Amritsar is famous for its Kulcha's Try it at (Best ones which i found till now:
(a) Kulcha Land
(b) Bahadur Dhaba in Basant Avenue Market
(c) Ashok Kulchewala – (A-Block, Ranjit Avanue Market, Amritsar)
7. Poori with chole and Aalu (laungi) Laungi is sweet aalu kind of dish try it at:
(a) Kanha Sweets, Laurence Road
(b) Novelty Sweets at Novelty Chowk
Rest if you r too hugnry try it at any shop it will be amazing
8. Paneer Bhurji wala (Near Nayyar Hospital, opp Archies Gallery) Sorry I forgot the name but its the only paneer bhurji wala in that location
Lets at bit of Sweets to end it
1. Fruit or Cream Ice Cream: Durga Ice cream
2. Sharma ke Gulab Jamun and Jalebi
3. Gian Ki Lassi
4. Ahuja’s ki Kesar wali lassi (Near Hindu college Amritsar).

rest list is still very long including chaat, samose kachori, wadiyan papad, Nutri Kulcha, mathi chole bheege kulche and many more...

Happy Travelling Happy Eating :) :p

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1. Tare Di Hatti Famous for Paneer Bhurji
2. Amritsari Kulche Chole: Bahadur's Basant Avenue Market
3. Sharma Jalebi wala: For Delicious Gulabjamuns and Jalebi