Best rain coat for biker


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Hi friends,
Which is the best rain coat for a biker during daily commuting in the city on monsoons.
I am using Rynox H2Go Raincoat (upper body only) and found it to be really good....available in 2 colors Blue and High Viz Green (most vloggers use this color)....though I personally loved the Blue one and picked that only for myself. Costed me INR 999 ( I guess)


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Decathalon has a few options both for upper and lower.
I use one which is 2-3 sizes bigger so that I can put it on top of my laptop bagpack.
The high visibility ones mentioned by Sam above would be better.

Tilak Francis

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Thank you Sam and Lokesh.
Yes you were right. I used to have decathlon rain wear which was very handy, foldable into a small pouch. I recently bought a rynox h2o jacket (yes went for fluorescent green only)as an added layer for my long bike rides. Just because i liked to keep the biking gear untouched for daily commuting I was looking for a regular rain coat. Our Satinder ji suggested zeel rain coat for daily commuting. so got one and yet to be tested in heavy rains.
Thank you again for your valuable suggestions Sam and Lokesh.