Best Rajma Chawal in Delhi NCR


There is this place in Vikaspuri, bang opposite to Easy Day where a Sardar Uncle gets Choley, Rajma & Kadi homecooked by Mom, u get a plate for either of them with Chawal for Rs.25/-. If you are on the PVR Vikaspuri Road, take a right towards the Ramlila ground from the T-point where right goes to Ramlila ground and left towards Oxford School. Go straight, ignore one T-section...u'll find the uncle on your left bang opposite to Easy Day outlet. Uncle available only between 1 to 3:30 in the afternoon. BTW, uncle gets all his food in maruti car and serves from the hatchback...
I will definitely try that and let you know the experience ;)

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No fan's of Rajma Chawal. I think every one has switched to Pizza's and burgers :(

However I know of three places in Delhi
1) Rajma Chawal at Shankar Market Connaught Place.
2) Rajma Chawal at Shivaji Stadium Bus Terminal again Connaught Place.
3) Rajma Chawal and Palak Paneer chawal awsome at Nehru Place, the shop has moved to some other location in nehru place, previously it was opposite Kirti shikhar tower it used to have a queue for getting the rajma chawal and palak paneer chawal.
I have eaten at all the above mentioned places and I would say "shankar market" rajma rice beats all others!!!

Yaar...muh me paani aa gaya...yaad kar ke hi!!! *slurrrp* *slurrrp* :p


Dostoon Mujhe woh Mote Uncle ji waali dukaan Nehru Place mil gayi this saturday :)

Found out the shop of Motu Uncle in Nehru Place :D
Its near the State Bank of Patiala it still have a line in the afternoon just ask any one about the motu uncle's shop near the bank and they will direct you to it.

Had Palak paneer chawal there awesome Yum Yum :D


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I'm so happy to see somebody track Rajma Chawals. :)

The best rajma chawal are at Navdanya Stall inside Dilli Haat (sorry no cars here)
It's awesome because its yummy and its very clean and oil free.
Rs. 80 for a plate.

The other top rajma chawal places i know of -
Jammu Rajma Chawal in Lajpat nagar (at the start of a lane on the left side of the main central market road if you are coming from the metro side ..around 200 mtrs from the metro) can take ur car here and park also

i also like the shivaji stadium guy mentioned....havnt tried the rest but im on my way

on a side note- the best rajma chawal are on the jammu srinagar highway


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If anyone's crossing Faridabad from Delhi (onto Kokila van, Mathura or Agra etc), stop by NIT Faridabad's Sardarji ke Rajma Chawal. They are at State bank of India, Neelam Chowk, just off NH2 (across the flyover from national highway, so not a major detour). Their Rajma Chawal are amazing (a little bit costly I would say). They also do Kadhi Chawal and Paneer chawal.

But I rate the Rajma Chawal at Shankhar Market as the BEST of all. Have always eaten there, everytimg I cross CP around noon.

Pareesh Trehan

Pareesh Trehan
In my opinion the Rajma Chawal with Palak Paneer at of Sadar bazar of Sardar Ji, is the Best. Now a days, getting there is bit difficult but their taste is awesome.

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Shitij where at Jammu Srinagar Highway ?