Best route for going from Indore to Statue of Unity, Kevadiya, Gujrat


I am from Indore. I have planned a trip to Kevadiya and onward in end of this month. There are three routes to reach the first destination - as shown in the map below!

Can someone advice, which is best suited?


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Its really a difficult question.
No idea of road condition on that section.

But I would focus on Vadodra as a big city. Govt would have ensured good road from Indore to Vadodra.
Keeping in mind, somehow I feel we should take Sadarpur, Karanpura, Alirajpura, road.

Hi fellow members, I was hoping to get some help!! 8-[


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The best route for going from Indore to Statue of Unity, Kevadiya, Gujarat would be(as per my last experience by car):
  1. Take the Indore-Ujjain Road/Indore-Dewas Bypass to get out of the city.
  2. Continue on the Indore-Ujjain Road/Indore-Dewas Bypass and merge onto the NH3.
  3. Continue on the NH3 and take the exit towards NH59.
  4. Follow the NH59 until you reach Dhar.
  5. From Dhar, take the SH26 to reach Barwani.
  6. Continue on the SH26 and take the exit towards SH27.
  7. Follow the SH27 to reach Vyara.
  8. From Vyara, take the SH26 to reach Kevadiya.
  9. The Statue of Unity is located in Kevadiya, you can take a public transport or hire a taxi to reach there.
Please note that the above route is an estimated route and the actual route may vary depending on the traffic and road conditions. It's always a good idea to check the latest traffic and road conditions before starting your journey.