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Deceitful & Cheating Management

I had planned to stay at Magic Mist Hotel, Munnar between 29-31 Dec-14. However, due to the death on my immediate family member, I was forced to cancel the entire holiday trip to Kerala, including Munnar. Accordingly, Magic Mist, Munnar was duly informed on 21st Dec-14 and refund was sought from the Magic Mist management.

Magic Mist, Munnar is run and administered by one Mr. Jomon George (Mobile: +91 8943058448), who agreed to return the advance at the earliest. Thereafter, after numerous follow-ups with Mr. George, it turned out that Hotel Magic Mist, Munnar has no refund policy and the administrator is a basically a low level cheat. He has been misleading into believing that the refund is on the way but the facts are otherwise.

Travelers are advised not to pay advances to Hotel Magic Mist, Munnar as the money or the reservation is not protected in the traveler’s interest. The details of bank account details of Hotel Magic Mist, Munnar is as follows: Mod note: account number removed. Please refrain from posting such information in future!

Low life characters like Jomon George are total disgrace to local travel industry, the state of Kerala and humanity as whole.

Information posted in every traveler’s interest by a victim of Jomon George
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Does their booking page state booking amount is refundable? As far as I know, many hotels have a no refund policy on booking amount.


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I am connected to hotel industry. If the booking is being cancelled in advance (as in this case it has been cancelled 8 days before) then most of the hotels refund the advance deposited after deducting cancellation charges.

Second point is if the hotel does not have a policy of refunding the advance payment then the owner or front desk staff should inform him clearly about that.