Bhangarh – most haunted place in India


I like travelling and do venture out to unknown places, quite a fun, seeing new things, eating at new places, seeing shining sun in open farms, seeing sunset in the mountains/open lands, quite a fun.

This travel is towards a place rumoured as most haunted place in India.

Board on the fort gate says that it is prohibited for tourists to stay inside the fort area after sunset and before sunrise further adds little spice. Reading about the place I thought to check it out.

How to Reach: By road, it is well connected, if going from Gurgaon, take route: Gurgaon -> Bhiwadi -> Alwar -> Sariska -> Ajabgarh -> Bhangarh can be taken.
It is around 84 kms from Jaipur.
It is around 32 kms from Dausa, you can take rail upto Dausa Railway station and then hire Taxi

Places to Stay: There are plenty of options, you can stay in properties near Sariksa (RTDC Tiger Den, Aman Bagh, Sariska Palace and other hotels) or you can stay in Alwar and plan a day trip to the fort, or in Dausa.

Places to eat: Around fort there are not many options, you should pack snacks, water etc

Nearby places: Bhangarh is 40 kms from Sariska Tiger reserve (take Safari and see Tigers, that depends on luck though), 80 kms from Alwar (Silserh lake, Bala Qila, Museum, Musi Maharani ki Chhatri ) and Jaipur, so plan you can plan a trip and cover other places.

Best time to Visit: Avoid Summers

I drove down to the fort, route I took Gurgaon -> Bhiwadi -> Alwar -> Sariska -> Ajabgarh -> Bhangarh is good, state highway well maintained, just decent options to have food, mustard farms around, nice music, good company, what else you need.
After couple of hours we entered Alwar city, The Gateway of Rajasthan. Alwar was formerly the capital of the princely state of Alwar. It was formerly spelt as "Ulwar" in British India. This placed it in last position in alphabetically ordered lists, so a king changed the spelling to "Alwar" to bring it to the top. Some good places (Bala Qila, Museum, Silserh lake, Sariska tiger Reserve etc.) are in Alwar, it is closer to Delhi/Gurgaon, good place to spend a day or couple of days.

Quickly crossed the city and entered Sariska – Bhangarh route, quite a road I must say. Single road, barren land around, good setting all-around for any horror story. Absolutely Zero population around the place, old ruins on hill tops screams out loud of the bygone era. At some places pretty trees with colorful leaves on sides of road made journey more interesting.

Fort @ Ajabgarh (close by place to Bhangarh), the name itself speaks out of being mysterious.


Finally we were at the destination, huge ruined fort with ruined market place. It appeared a real place where people must have lived some hundreds year ago.
Ruined Market before the entrance gate of Bhangarh:


View of Fort:


Next Pic, I still can’t believe it. I saw my name (Bablesh) on one of the fort’s wall. My name is not usual and I still believe something paranormal behind this. I mean can you beat this, how could my name be there on a wall of a fort which is believed to be haunted. My spouse believes that this is just coincidence someone named Bablesh might have written it. I do believe some paranormal in this though. Well I got friends in the ghostly world too. Not bad to have friends.


As far as rumors goes, there are few stories linked to history of Bhangarh.
One version of the legend is that a sadhu named Baba Balanath lived within the fort area. It was his injunction that any houses built in the precincts of the fort should not be taller than his house and in case the shadow of any such house falling on his house would result in destruction of the fort town. Other version is that the place is cursed by a wizard who could not marry the princess of Bhangarh and cursed this place in anger.

The fort is a very calm and serene place, ideal for ghosts or anyone who seeks calmness.

Check out alley view in fort:


All in all, a perfect trip I had. I enjoyed the roads, the forts. A memorable trip. Did not see any ghost though as such, I would say lucky to see none. I would say try it out.


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AmaXing story, waiting for more. BTW there was an episode on Discovery about this fort and Discovery people spent a night there and came back unharmed.