Bhangarh – most haunted place in India


Gents, Many thanks for your appreciation. Apologies could not respond earlier, will look for more pics in my store. Place is worth a visit, on the route there were few incredibly deep deep wells. Surrounding places around Bhangarh also carries the ghostly feeling.


Dancer's Haveli in the market place outside of Fort:


Antelope around Sariska, on the route towards Bhangarh:

Stayed at Neemrana hotel at Kesroli, very nice hotel, old vintage charm at its best, nicely surrounded by farms and village, open lands, really a very good place

Vikas Kumar

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Nice clicks and nice narration.

I went to Bhangarh 7 years back. Trust me on this that it was quite scary. You always feel that some has just passed by. You wouldn't see any one though you will feel it. We reached Bhangarh in the evening at around 15:30 and we had plans to stay in the fort at least till midnight. I will keep the story for some another day though one thing that I can assure is that it was an unforgettable experience.