Bhavishya Badri | The Future BadriNath

Gaurav Dutt

हर हर गंगे!
Sorry guys, I am writing a travelogue , for nearly after a break of one year due to some God's own proceedings, which my family went through.

Here we go:-

It was that time when the weather was so nice, I was sitting in a cubicle and we decided to explore out some hidden destination, Hidden to me where people usually trek and only locals know a lot about it. So we picked up Bhavishya Badri, which is near to the lap of Mt. Dunagiri and is a religious and peaceful place one can know. It also comes under the 40 KM Nanda Devi Sanctuary.

We zeroed it out the plan and executed it on Christmas holidays ( 24th Dec-2015 - 27th Dec-2015 )

"The mythology of Bhavishya Badri"

As the name suggests it is the future abode of "Lord Badrinath" , Currently most of the Indians would know, is worshiped in "Badrinath". The mythology states that the current route to "Badrinath" will turn inaccessible due to the destruction of both Nar and Narayan parvat and then "Lord Badri" would be worshiped here. Hence the name "Bhavishya Badri" or Future "Badri".

Details of the Route:-

Car Route :-
Ghaziabad-Haridwar-Rishikesh-Rudraprayag-Chamoli-Joshimath-Tapovan-Saldhar (500 Km Approx)

Trek Route :-

Saldhar-Subhai-Bhavishya Badri [ 7 Kms, Uphill Trek ]

Map For your details :-


We started in the morning from Rishikesh and reached Tapovan in the evening, the rooms were not easy to get, as there were none. However, with no other option left, we accommodate ourselves in a very small room which was not very up to the mark and not very fit for spending the night.

In the morning, we got up early and had the best bath of our lives in a "Hot Sulphur Water" for which tapovan is Exactly known for.We started for our onward journey to Bhavishya Badri at around 8.00 A.M and reached the starting point of the trek in an hour. We started the climb from the middle of the road, which to us looked very normal but later we realized that it was altogether the hike, worth challenging. At Saldhar, we halted a bit for some ten minutes.for every step I took, it is the weather, the environment and the beauty of the trek I appreciate. Mt. Dunagiri was with us till the end point.

We reached "Subhai", the beautiful and mesmerizing village in few hours.The temple was still "some distance away". Actually this village also has a temple, but the "true" temple is on top of the mountain at the other side.

From here onward, the going became almost very interesting.If you can't believe that every muscle in your body can be painful, you have to go on this trek.The trek is an almost 70 degree incline for about two kilometer. It sucks up energy at a rate that thought did not even existed. excruciating it was.

Few hours later, we were now walking on ice sheets and gasping for air which in term was the best one can get blissfully. Our progress slowed down considerably.The route now had a pine forest alongside and the beautiful view at the back. There were few innocent girls from the village who was accompanying us, giving us the direction to the path which was abolished by ice and cannot be seen properly.

I cannot express in words how trekking in this forest felt. The silence was broken only by our walk. Also, plus by a mini wild boar that has been seen entering the forest by one of our colleague.It was very serene and beautiful. You can watch the whole valley down below, Lata, Tapovan and Auli ski slopes included.We reached Mandir at around 3 P.M, It was enclosed with huge set of pine trees. What a lovely and peaceful place it was.

We spent fifteen minutes in the temple and started on our way down as we were bounded with two constraints, No food since morning plus it will surely be about to get dark till the time we descend from where we started.

Also, the group was feeling unwell and we began to descend. En-route, we had a beautiful lunch at one of the Dhaba in "Subhai". We finally reached @ 7.30 PM and directed straight to Joshimath and the next morning to Ghaziabad.

This is it from my side, Hope you enjoyed it.
Pics to follow:-

The Team

Enroute Pipalkoti

Enroute Joshimath :- R-L ( Haathi And Ghori Parwat )

Enroute Joshimath:- L-R : Mt Rataban, Ghori And Haathi Parvat

Enroute Tapovan:- Mt. Nanda Devi

Enroute Tapovan:- Mt. Nanda Devi And Mt. Bethartoli To The Extreme Left

Mt.Neelkanth ( As Seen From Tapovan )

Mt.Neelkanth ( As Seen From Tapovan )

Badrinath Ranges ( As Seen From Tapovan )

Trek To Bhavishya Badri :- Sarting Point

Mt.Dunagiri ( As Seen From Saldhar )

Auli Slopes, Seen from, Enroute To Subhai

Mt Dunagiri, Known As Valley Of God, Seen From, Enroute To Subhai

Mt Dunagiri, Known As Valley Of God, Seen From, Enroute To Subhai

Approaching Subhai

Approaching Subhai

Valley, As Seen from Subhai

Village Subhai

Closer View Of Mt.Dunagiri From Subhai

Enroute Bhavishya Badri, Mt Neelkanth To The Extreme Left

Enroute Bhavishya Badri, Mt Neelkanth And Mt.Balakun At The Back

Jai Bhavishya Badri

The Entrance " Jai Bhavishya Badri"

Yours Truly, At Bhavishya Badri

At Bhavishya Badri

Bhavishya Badri

The Team, At Bhavishya Badri


The End.
Thank you guys.
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Life is full of mysteries. You never know what's next. One should be always keep hope and live life as it comes and with a smile, like you do. :)

Excellent log buddy. Fab captures. I think, I should be able to do this with Pihu. Let me talk to wifey :)