Bikaner ... Jaisalmer

Hi guys..

We are planning a trip to Jaisalmer via Bikaner. Can you guide me to the best route till Bikaner ?

Bknr to Jslmr NH 11 is not an issue.... only route from Delhi till bikaner is a question



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well I asked on the group.
I am getting all mixed suggestions.
one says go to hisar and then move to fatehpur and to bikaner. This is too long.

Another is delhi to bhiwadi - shahpura - sikar - fatehpur - bikaner
Hi...yeah, getting mixed responses on the route. With Tikri border closed, I guess the best would be Delhi-Jhajhar-Hisar-Sadalpur-Churu-Bikaner.

Hows Rohtak-Bhiwani-Chirawa highway NH 709 condition?
So..just to update....

We went to Jaisalmer in Jan 1st week. Took Delhi-Jaipur-Jodhpur - Pokhran route (longer than Bikaner one but Tikri border is closed so avoided it). Dealhi-Jaipur is OK but diverted while returning. So we took Jaipur-Dausa-Alwar-Bhiwadi SH 25 issues on that route.

Delhi-Jaipur : Good road, standard truck traffic
Jaipur-Bar-Jodhpur : NH 162 : Quite good
Jodhpur-- Pokhran- Jaisalmer: Quite good.
Jaisalmer-Longewal : Some diversions but overall Above average route
Longewal-Tanot : New NH 70 : AWESOME !

Quick tip: Follow this route - Jaisalmer-Ramgarh-Longewal-Tanot - Longewal- Ramgarh- Jaisalmer . Avoid Ramgarh - Tanot direct road...longer & under construction.