Bike Rent in Delhi - Cheating

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Hi Guys,

It hurts me to read such harsh and untruthfull stories about Mukesh Motors coz he not only made the trip for me and a friend of mine a reality but also a very pleasant one. He not only rented out the bikes but provided us with safety tips, a pioneer for free and all vehicle acessories on very simple terms.

The bike we rented out were for a very nominal fee and the bikes were in top notch conditions.

Its a common mistake that many do is that they treat the rented bike real bad and do not care for it since it is someone else's.

I and my friend treated the bike like our own, by taking to the garage in case there were some abnormal leakages or if some part was not functioning well .. all in all we might have spent some Rs. 500 on the 16 days of our touring but in return we got a trouble free and a very smooth ride over the moutains.

On reaching Delhi, the owner did not even argue with us regarding the money and was more than happy to return our full deposit.
Mr. Mukesh had been more than helpful throughout the whole deal. Please do not make such false alegations on such a kind person.


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So finally a satisfied customer of Mukesh Motors.... I am quite skeptical about this thread as such


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I agree that many posts on this thread have doubtful credentials. People have registered, put up a post here and then vanished!

But when you hire a bike for trip from anywhere few things need to be kept in mind:

1) The bike that you plan to hire might have been used by several other people and hence wouldn't be in very good condition. Incase you don't understand its limits & push it over, it may create problems.

2) From beginning keep you relation very good with the renter. This would help you when you return his bike after the trip.

3) Now a days loads of REs & TBs are available for rental from Manali. So I suggest to hire bikes from Manali rather than Delhi. Benefit of hiring it from Manali is that firstly people are good and don't make unnecessary fuss and secondly you can immediately check if the bike is performing well or not. Climb to Rohtang and see if the bike is performing well or not. If you hire it from delhi you can't really check the powerloss factor.

Yogesh Sarkar

Strange how all these gents with rants post once and are gone for good! :shock:
Not just rants, even the single post praising him is the sole one from the author. Now I can understand someone going ahead registering and posting against someone who he have had a bad dealing with, but how often do people do that for positive deals?

Yogesh Sarkar

Maybe the others were just too frustrated? What I am trying to say is, without proof, we shouldn't really rubbish anything, whether it is a positive review or a negative one.