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If the post is still alive, I would like to bring to notice about TONY MOTORS from Karol Bagh Delhi. Pure Cheats. I suffered a lot with them. To all those who make claims saying Bullets are bike that break down from time to time, remember that this guy gives you a machine that looks good on the outside and a real junk on the inside.

When the bike broke down in Delhi itself , he suggested us to tow it to his workshop instead of helping us out. A real a**hole to deal with. Sees his business with foreigners by arranging tours and has his smooth talking wife run the business.

A real b*st*rd. So, please be careful.

P.S: I have used only mild words. The pains undergone are many to award him these small niceties.

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Satheesh P R
Hello all

Found few reliable bike rental place in KAROL BAGH , Delhi

Please note that All shops closed on Mondays

SMART Motors rents Royal Enfield - 1743/55 Hari Singh Nalwa Street (small side street off the main market street)email: [email protected]
Tel +91 11 45042943 They have another shop, Shakti Auto (Tel - 28750220) on the main market street

JASMEET MOTORSMobile/cell +91 96545 47924 Office 011 28756166 Address - 1625/33 Naiwala, Karol Baghemail - [email protected] He is Sunny, his shop is on the main market street.

SUPERAUTOMOBILES He will rent an Enfield for 550 INR a day and a Bajaj Avenger 200cc cruiser for 500 INR a day .

HIRA Motors Tel - 011 645 443611767/53 Naiwala, Karol Bagh Also on the main market street.He was selling Honda Karizma 225cc and Bajaj Avenger 200cc both for 37 000 INR. He will add side racks to any bike for 1,000 INR extra.


Adithya kalyan

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Hello could anyone tell what will be the average price of an second hand RE bullet 350 standard CI model in Karol Bach now. Thank you in adavance.