Bike Ride; Chennai – Kallanai Dam – Tanjavur Temple – Dhanuskodi – Chennai

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Chennai – Kallanai Dam – Tanjavur Temple – Dhanuskodi – Chennai; 2 Days; 1226 kms

Having a road trip with your friends during the holidays is always a dream and a memorable experience for every one of us. Here is mine!!

The riders & their machine details are as follow
1. Venkatesh Kumar – TVS Apache RR310
2. Sudhakar - Suzuki SF250
3. Prem – Royal Enfield Meteor 350
4. Siva Kumar – TVS Apache RR310
5. Vijai Chander – Triumph Tiger 900 Rally Pro

Actually we are planning it for more than a year for this Dhanuskodi trip, unfortunately we are unable to do this ride. But this time Aug 20th & 21st we made it success.

Total Distance Covered: 1226 Kms
RR310 Fuel Consumed: 43.25 Ltrs (Rs 4482)
RR310 Mileage: 28.37 Kmpl
Cruising Speed Approx. for 1000 Kms: 90 – 110 Kmph

Accurate details are not calculated for others bikes, I feel that Suzuki SF250 mileage is better than RR310, RE meteor mileage(approx Rs 4550) is same/slightly lesser than RR310 and Triumph Tiger mileage is lesser than RR310, while maintaining the same cruising speed. All the bikes performed well throughout the trip without any issues and we covered those distance without any hurdles.

We started planning this trip 1 month before itself. Initially 8 members are interested to join this trip accordingly we booked the room for 8 members x 3 rooms in Hotel KNP Nest, Rameshwaram but 3 of them dropped their plan so 2 days before the trip we called the hotel staff, told our situation and requested them to cancel a room. The hotel staffs are very kind and helpful, they did what we need. The below is the initial plan

As per our plan, early morning on Aug 20th we all (5 members) assembled at Vandalur around 3.45 AM, had a cup of tea/coffee at a nearby tea stall and started our ride at 4.10 AM. Sky was dark, so we ride around 80-100 kmph speed, around 6.00 AM we reached Vikrandi Toll Gate, there we took small tea break.

0001 Vikravandi Toll.jpg

Picture 01 Tea Break @ Vikravandi Toll Gate
0002 Vikravandi Toll.jpg

Picture 02 Tea Break @ Vikravandi Toll Gate

Members from left to right: Myself(Venkatesh), Sudhakar, Prem, Siva Kumar & Vijai Chander.

After the tea break we started from there. Climate was good for riding, no traffic in the morning. From there we increased our speed and cruised around 100-110 Kmph. We travelled for 1.30 hours, our fuel level indication for RR310 started blinking. As we planned we are close to the breakfast location, so we pushed to reach that BP Outlet fuel station with AB restaurant around 8.00 AM. There we had breakfast and refuelled all the vehicles.

0003 Samayapuram BP.jpg

Picture 03 Breakfast @ BP outlet with AB Restaurant(Nearer to Samayapuram)

After having a good breakfast there, we started our journey towards Kallanai Dam, 35 kms from there, first 22 kms in highways towards trichy and next 13 kms(road was not so good) we turned towards Kallanai Dam in the Cauvery river bank. Around 9.45 AM we reached Kallanai Dam and we spent almost 1 hours over there and took some photos.

0004 Kallanai Dam.jpg

Picture 04 Siva Kumar @ Kallanai Dam
0005 Kallanai Dam.jpg

Picture 05 At Kallanai Dam

0006 Kallanai Dam.jpg

Picture 06 Vijai Chander @ Kallanai Dam

0007 Kallanai Dam.jpg

Picture 07 Myself(Venkatesh) @ Kallanai Dam

0008 Kallanai Dam.jpeg

Picture 08 Karikala Chozhan Statue @ Kallanai Dam

From Kallanai Dam at 10.45 Am, we left to Tanjavur Periya Temple which is 50 kms from there . As the main darshan ends at 12 Noon, so we are in a rush to reach the temple before 12 noon. The road was okay, we can drive at 60-70 kmph speed in that road. Around 12 Noon we reached Tanjavur temple and visited the temple where it took 1 hour. After that we started towards Rameshwaram.

0009 Tanjavur Temple.jpg

Picture 09 Myself(Venkatesh) @ Tanjavur Periya Temple Parking
0010 Tanjavur Temple.jpg

Picture 10 Sudhakar @ Tanjavur Periya Temple

0011 Tanjavur Temple.jpg

Picture 11 Tanjavur Periya Temple

We drove for 10 -15 kms to get out from Tanjavur and then stopped for a drinks break. We took a 15 - 20 mins break and had a cold drinks at a Bakkery. Time is almost 1.30 PM, we started the ride and drove for 1.30 hrs. The roads from Tanjavur to Mandapam is very nice, two lane road with less traffic, can easily cruise around 100-110 Kmph speed. Around 3.00 PM we stopped for lunch after Karaikudi, there we had yummy food. Then we headed towards Pamban, after Mandapam the road was little busy when compared to Tanjavur to Mandapam road. We took a short break for cold drinks 5 kms before Pamban bridge on the way to Pamban Park. Afterthat we went for Pamban park, just 1 - 2 kms before Pamban Bridge. The place was nice, we took so many photos over there and spent around 30 - 40 mins in that park.

0012 5 Kms before Pamban Bridge.jpg

Picture 12 Myself(Venkatesh) 5 Kms before Pamban Bridge
0013 5 Kms before Pamban Bridge.jpeg

Picture 13 Triumph Tiger Key @ 5 Kms before Pamban Bridge

0014 Pamban Park.jpg

Picture 14 At Pamban Park

0015 Pamban Park.jpg

Picture 15 Vijai Triumph @ Pamban Park
0016 Pamban Park.jpg

Picture 16 Myself(Venkatesh) @ Pamban Park

0017 Pamban Park.jpg

Picture 17 Prem @ Pamban Park
0018 Pamban Park.jpg

Picture 18 Sudhakar Suzuki @ Pamban Park

Before sunset we rushed to reach Pamban Bridge and stopped at middle of the bridge. Many vehicles are parked there and people are taking pictures, we also did the same. A policemen is roamed from one end of the bridge to other end to regulate the traffic. So we left from there and went to room around 7.00 PM. We removed all the luggges from the bike and kept inside the room, the room looks clean and spacious. We refreshed ourself and went out for dinner. After dinner again we went to pamban bridge and spent an hour, its just 12 kms from our room. And then we all came back to room and slept at around 11.00 PM.

0019 Pamban Bridge.jpg

Picture 19 At Pamban Bridge
0020 Pamban Bridge.jpg

Picture 20 Sudhakar @ Pamban Bridge

0021 Pamban Bridge.jpg

Picture 21 Pamban Bridge at Night Time

Next day morning, we woke little early to visit Dhanuskodi. So at 6.30 AM we left the room, on the way we had tea & vada nearby Rameshwaram temple. Afterthat we headed towards Dhanuskodi, its 20 km away from there. The road was good and cleanly maintained and after Rameshwaram, all cars are stopped for checking(not sure if its for toll pay), bikes are allowed to pass through. We ride slowly and really that the long stretch of the road feels like we are driving in the middle of the ocean. We spent almost 2 hrs there and took so many photos. Then on our way back we had cold drinks at a shop in Dhanuskodi and had breakfast at Rameshwaram in the same hotel where we had dinner last night.

0022 Dhanuskodi.jpg

Picture 22 Sunrise @ Dhanuskodi
0023 Dhanuskodi.jpg

Picture 23 At Dhanuskodi
0024 Dhanuskodi.jpeg

Picture 24 Sivakumar with RR310 @ Dhanuskodi

0025 Dhanuskodi.jpg

Picture 25 Vijai with Triumph @ Dhanuskodi

0026 Dhanuskodi.jpg

Picture 26 Prem with RE Meteor @ Dhanuskodi

We reached the room around 10 AM, we all refreshed ourself and packed our things and tied it in the bikes, and checked out the hotel rooms as per their time 12 Noon. As per our schedule, we supposed to visit Abdul Kalam Memorial on the first day, but its ends at 5 PM so we decided to visit it the next day. Accordingly we came there and parked our vehicles, inside the memorial we are not allowed to carry mobiles so we decidied to visit as 2 teams. First 3 of us went in, other 2 waited outside & drank coconut drinks and then next 2 of us went in and other 3 waited outside & did the same.

0027 Abdul Kalam Memorial.jpg

Picture 27 Infront of Abdul Kalam Memorial

0028 Abdul Kalam Memorial.jpg

Picture 28 Prem @ Abdul Kalam Memorial

Around 1 PM we started our ride back to Chennai. Around 2.30 PM we had our lunch nearby Devakottai. While nearing Villupuram there was a heavy rain upto Chengalpattu so we drove very slowly and reached home almost around 11.00 PM.

0029 Chengalpattu Toll.jpg

Picture 29 After Heavy Rainfall @ Chengalpattu Toll

The below is our expenses detail during the trip without fuel cost.

Thank you all for spending your precious time for reading my riding experience.


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@Venkatesh Kumar A An excellent write up and a detailed one, it was like watching a movie Venkatesh. Awesome pictures. shot very well. Looking forward to more from your side, are you from Chennai? well, I am. :)
I am too, from West Tambaram, Chennai and now moved to Vellore. It would be wonderful, if there could be a BCMT meet up in Chennai.
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