BIKE RIDE - Kolli hills, TN.... 70 Hairpin bends

Kolli Hills

I started at 4.45 am from vellore in royal enfield classic 350. Two of my friends, Simon and Sharon started around 5 am from Bangalore in triumph Bonneville. We met near Krishnagiri at 7 am. Started riding towards Salem.
Had a pit stop for break fast at A2B on the highway to Rasipuram from Salem at 9 am.

Enjoyed leaning and conquering each hairpin bend. Back breaks were hitting the road whenever I tried applying breaks while cornering and leaning in hairpin bends.Reached kolli malai at 12.30pm.
stayed in rvr resorts room rent was 2700/- for 3. Nice stay but 10km away from semmedu which is the main town . Came back in evening for seeku paari view point. 2km from semmedu, the centre of kolli hills . the botanical garden was closed but it looked like more of a road side park. went for boating, which is more of a pond than lake. Tasted the local delecacy attu kaal kilangu mooligai soup (a tuberous root grows in rocks in forest). Then we visited Thindu tribal boys hostel , nmsi church missionary and had parota at semmedu. We were playing carom board at RVR resort before hitting the bed.

Morning had complimentary break fast "unlimited". Headed to aagaya gangai. Carried a maaza to replenish the sugar level .
worth enjoying the falls view . nature at its best.
Came back checked out at 12 pm headed back to Rasipuram. The descent from hills was Foggy and also drizzling. Triumph had break failure due to air lock.Simon rectified himself. Slowed a bit reach Rasipuram. Hit the highway to salem .Had a good biriyani,fried rice from Rasi hotel just at the junction of Rasipuram inroad joining the high way to Salem. Food was delicious. Started at 4.30pm and said to each other that we would meet at Krishanagiri junction and again lost in traffic .Reached home at 9 pm to Vellore and they at same time to Bangalore.
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The Wooden bungalow of Dr Jesseman brand who served as a medical missionary in Valavanthi Nadu, Kolli hills. he succumbed to the yellow fever, the very same disease which affected the tribal population. But the work he left in the late 1800s was continued by his wife in Kolli hills till 1970s. Dr Paul Brand, a pioneer in Hand surgeries in India, grew up in this very same house till age 10. the brand mission still serves the tribal through education at "Thindu boys hostel".