Bike Ride to Uttarakhand

Dear Fellow Travellers,

I have a training to attend in Delhi during second week of February. I was planning to have a bike ride to Uttarakhand post training. I have zeroed down to Binsar. Suggestions for budgeted accomodation in binsar are required.

Further, I had an option of Harsil for the ride. Is it possible to visit Harsil during second week of February? If yes, suggestions for accomodation are required.

Fellow travellers can also suggest some other trip options. I have 5 days in hand.



Yogesh Sarkar

Binsar TRH run by KMVN has a dorm, their rooms are pretty expensive though.

Harsil can be done, if there isn't snow on the road. GMVN there should be open and there is a possibility of a home stay being open as well. Dharali is another option further up the road where you should be able to find accommodation. However, there is greater chance of finding snow en route to Dharali.


Going to Neverland
if you have 5 days at hand then you can also do the following:

Day 1: Delhi - Binsar
Day 2: Binsar - Chaukori
Day 3: Chaukori - Munsiyari
Day 4: Munsiyari - Pithoragarh
Day 5: Pithoragarh - Delhi
Dear All,

I have finally zeroed down to Binsar and if possible Munsiyari. Suggestions for cheaper accomodation are invited. Also, is it possible to pitch own tent in or nearby binsar. Looking forward for inputs.
Binsar has a bird santury and they have a FRH. What you can try is go to the FRH and ask the caretaker if you camp in the grounds. FRH folks are generally accommodating. Forest entry fees are applicable.

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Yogesh Sarkar

Alternatively you can stay in the dorm of KMVN or ask them if you can pitch your tent there. In case of Munsiyari, you can pitch your tents at Nanda Devi Temple, after getting permission from the pandit ji (though the area does see wild animals) or you can stay at Bughyal East End, right at the bus stop.