Bike trip from Delhi to Cochin

Jacob Puli

Day 8

Kozhikhode is 290 kms from Udupi. We had to leave before lunch to reach kozhikhode before dinner. After all these years of great south Indian food from Udupi restaurants, we finally get a chance to eat from a restaurant in Udupi. I was slightly afraid that the high expectations may kill the treat. The best bet was to eat at a restaurant near the temple. We asked a local about the best places to eat around. Woodlands was a name he suggested and i had see very good reviews of the place. The Entry is quite simple and hard to locate. With anxiety we went down the unassuming entry and stairs. The Decor elevated our spirits, intricately carved doors, pillars and murals set in a simple and stylish interior. A plate of Vada, Upma and filter cofee. Coffee from this belt is always great. My dear friends, divine it was. Orders went on ending in a plate of sheera which surpassed all my expectations. So soft and the taste of pure ghee was fantastic.



The temple is walk able distance from the hotel. Roamed around the temple complex. The rathas were really big. The streets are clean and the surrounding buildings with the traditional architecture brings beauty to the street. The temple pond is beautiful sight. While trying to capture all these frames in the camera we ran out of battery. After walking around for a while we headed back to our room. Maple beach, St. Mary's island, the estuary etc are the other sights around. There was not enough time in hand, so we headed onwards in the manglore direction.







The roads are a mix of scenic beauty, broken tarmac and moderate traffic. Western coast of South India has only two seasons, namely the monsoons and the summer. by the time we reached manglore it was really sunny and hot. Stopped before the Kerala border for sugarcane juice.


It was a happy moment when i crossed over to my homland. The sign boards were in Malayalam. Even though i have been frequenting up and down, to know that ur back home for good was coool. Not exactly home, i had more than half the state to cover to reach home. The roads became smoother once i crossed over into Kerala. But narrower and heavy traffic.

From kazharkhode we crossed into kannur. By mistake we missed out on the bypass and lost quite a lot of time in the block. Stopped at a small shop for a mouth watering treat of Pazhampori and sambharam. Sambharam brings back the energy in you, and it works well to get rid of nasty hangovers too.


By the time we reached Calicut, it was time for deepu to board his bus to trivandrum. Met up with Vipin at palayam and bid farewell to Deepu. After parceling food from Sagar hotel we headed back to Vipins house. A random update on my friends location and i found out that Sagar was in town. Soon he also joined in and the grand Kerala party began. Sagar told me about his bike trip to Kumbh mela and Puri with his Fiance. Within some time all the tiredness turned into laughter, reliving the good memories of our college days at CET, Trivandrum.


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Woke up by 10 am and the rest of the gang was still fast asleep. Walked around the beach before we left. The night before when we reached it was close to 11 pm. Pitch dark and all we knew about palolem was what description we got from our friends. It was such a beautiful beach and a spectacular view. the blue water and the waves crashing onto the white sands of the curved beach, cute shacks along the beach and the Kankon islands on one end. It was a framed view of the Goa u picture.

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We were low on petrol so we decided to head back via the highway. Both of us were hungry and tired. Got fresh at our room and headed out for lunch at the junction. U dont become part of Goa unless u take a post lunch siesta. We searched around for a mechanic to get brakes in shape before hitting the ghat roads. Being a sunday, none of the workshops were open nearby. THe initial plan of leaving on 30 , got postponed by another day, and with no regrets!! :)

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Left for Vasco by evening. We met up with Deepus cousin who was working at a hospital in Vasco. We met up at Baina beach which had a similat setting as that of Palolem. There were no shacks, it was catering more to the local people. There were vendors selling peanuts, juice, paan and paanipuri. This area was not as posh or chilled out as the rest of goa i think. Most of the residents depend on the industries around the railway, airport and the maurmugoa port. When i spoke to my friend Karen, who is from Vasco, said Baina is more known as a red light area!

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Karen and her family were leaving to the St. Francis church, so couldn't pay a visit. We headed off to Sarita Ribeiros house. She stays in her ancestral house near Porvorim. The house is almost 250 years old heritage building. The family has maintained the house extremely well. The also have a small museum and the old horse stables.

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Recycled Ornaments.

Headed off to Brittos for dinner. Luckily we were able to get a table. The food was amazing!! I have always missed out on Brittos before, but never again. The food is very reasonably priced. The servings are quite large and put together with the taste and quality, and the ambience, its a bargain.

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With a satisfied tummy , we were all smiles. Soon it turned into a grin, thers always space for deserts. And Brittos, deliberately had put up the counter right at the entrance, imprinting those thoughts into your subconscious mind from the time u enter. Slowly with time it bubbles up filling ur thoughts with words like tiramisu, pinapple upside down, apple pie.. Burp!! satisfaction!! Hugged my best friend Vishwa farewell and head back on to the road. It was the last night in Goa for me, tomorrow we move on further south towards manglore. But its goa.. The party never ends.. got back to Jittus room. Home made rice and chicken curry with his friends and a bottle of Dalwhinne single malt. Talked and made plans to visit north kerala the coming January to see the Theyyam.
Good narration and I really liked Goa Sunset. Nice click. Rgd M P S

Jacob Puli

Day 9

Slept till lunch time when i was woken up by Maniyans call. He asked me to meet him on the mini bypass for lunch. Gave a bike a good clean scrub and it was shining as new. Got fresh and met up with Vipin for lunch had a plate of kozhikodan biriyani. Then went on to meet Dr. Antony, my cousin who works as a ortho surgeon. He was with his friends at Hotel Paragagon. Calicut only has places with good food, and Paragon definitely is a the best. And who can resist the biriyani!! had another plate, and appam and mutton and went to my cousins apartment. There i was welcomed by his wife, Tinju with a glass of payasam. Burp!! gluttony overloaded.



After some chitchat i said bye to Calicut by 5.30. My halt for the day was Thrissur which is 120 km from Calicut. The roads were good, moderate traffic. Had a relaxed drive keeping in mind my previous last moment mishaps.


The drive was safe and smooth (apart from the two random lunatics who ran across the road, remember to put good horns for long drives as its good to get the attention of trucks and pedestrians) and i reached Thrissur by 9. Got a warm welcome and a welcoming party.




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Day 10 Home

As promised , i headed off to my home on the 5th of December. Drove along the highway and turned on to the container toad from Kalamassery. This stretch would be one of the most scenic highways i have seen in India. With backwaters , mangrove and coconuts on both sides of the road, this would be a road trip trough the Kerala backwaters. From Bolghatty island i turned on to Vypin islands where my hometown Narakkal is. On the route is the Vallarpadam church. Visitors can go on top of the bell tower from where the entire city, he islands and the sea are visible.


Without any stops i drove home eager to meet my parents. They was happy and excited to see me. Dad gave me a big hug congratulating me on my achievement and Mom had a sigh of relief that i am finally home, and safely. Time for some good yummy home made food.






I thank God Almighty for his ever present grace, My Parents for their prayers and all my friends and relatives for their well wishes. It was a humble trip where i din try to push the limits. I traveled at my pace, spend time with my friends, most importantly..a lot more with myself. A trip i shall always cherish and be proud of.