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here starts my travellogue...
Campus to home....
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After three long wonderful years, it was finally time to say goodbye to kem cho land.. Two years of masters at CEPT gave me lots of friends and beautiful memories to cherish for a lifetime. One year at VMS consultants and it was time to go back to Kerala. One last trip..

Diwali vacations are here again. The initial plan was to work on a project presentation at office during Diwali, leave office by mid-November and start off my bike trip. Once I leave the office, I was supposed to start from Delhi and drive back home covering most of the western states. When the company decided to back out from the project, I was left with a 10 day Diwali break in between. So I decided to split the trip into two legs giving some rest for me and the bike. The log will contain a lot of unwanted details which might be boring, but it’s just to refresh my memory.

Initial plan.. Plan everything, but don expect anything to go your way.

Leg 1: Delhi to Ahmedabad, Nov 4th. Start from Delhi

Leg 2: Ahmedabad to Cochin

Transporting the bike by train during dipawali season seemed impractical. So I decided to do the leg 1 in the reverse direction. Drive to Delhi and transport it back so that I can be back in office on time. I started talking to my friends on places to stay, eat, and visit. Gave the bike for servicing at the RE service centre near Narangpura. Changed the oil and clutch cable. Renewed my life and bike insurance.

While I was still deciding on when to leave, Rishil (my classmate) called to inform that few of our friends are planning to ride to Dungurpur. I could tag along with them till Dungurpur and move on from the next day. We met up in the hostel to decide on the plans to Dungurpur.

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Day 1

Had a good night’s sleep. Went for some shopping, had lunch and packed up. Mayor Bizwaji came for the flag off. Went to the cept hostel where I met up with the rest of the gang. Thejas and Bhanu on thejas classic 500. Kaustub and Thejas kulkarni on Kaustub's thunderbird.

Went to Mother Mary’s chapel at Loyola school. Filled up the tank at helmet petrol pump and we all started off. The odometer reading was 13558 km. The time was almost 5. 30 pm.
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Next pit stop was at Himatnagar. Was cruising at a comfortable speed of 80. The bike was performing very smoothly. I accelerated beyond 90 while passing a few vehicles, the bike choked and stalled. Thejas and monky were behind me so they also stopped. Opened up the timing and fiddled around. The timing point was not moving. Repaired it and we were back on the road. 10 km before Himatnagar the same problem recurred. this time I was behind the pack and had to repair it by myself. Caught up with the others at Himatnagar junction. Took a chai break and headed off to shyamlaji. it started getting cooler, and we stopped at shyamlaji for chai. the winding roads were starting from here. monky and theja blasted off from here. I drove at my own pace.
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...highway traffic lights

It was dark so we missed out the palace and went further ahead. I stopped and asked for directions to the Chundawara palace. I called up the others and told them to come back. I waited for them at the hanuman temple near the shut down reliance pump. The others soon caught up and we all went to the palace. The caretaker’s house was closed, so we went directly to the palace. The uphill drive was fun, no roads. The view from the top was nice. Even though the highway can be seen at a distance, the noise was very low. There was no one at the palace either. so we sat there for a while and proceeded for dinner at ‘khatiyawadi daba’.
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an (drunk) artists impression of a lady.
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Cold it was.

The place is frequented by the highway travelers and dry livered souls from the dry state. We sat on the roof top bar and restaurant. Jawan sing was taking care of our orders. The service and food was good. On high spirits we left katiyawadi, hoping to rest at some daba. Found a place and settled down, ordered some food. I found a charpai and took a nap. Even though this place was deserted, we were the only customers; the manager was of the opinion that we were hindering his business. Aaap yeha pe so nahi sakthe!!!.. The whole concept of a daba is travelers sit and eat and then sleep on the charpai!!! left the place after sharing a piece of our minds and went to the palace. as soon as we were settling down in the veranda, the caretaker and his family came to investigate what is happening. ( it was 5 in the morning, and 3 bikes going up to the palace will create a lot of curiosity, and noise!!!) we told them we just need a place to rest for the night as it was really cold. to our surprise they let us inside the palace and told us to sleep inside, or we could fall sick. Now that real Rajasthani hospitality. 5 of us who had no space to spend the night, finally get to sleep in a PALACE!!! wohooo.. What better start for the trip. It was almost time for sunrise. They proudly showed us around the palace and its history. The family has been with the palace for the last 5 generations.
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The palace is on top of a hill overlooking the whole area. While travelling from Ahmedabad to Udaipur, the structure can been seen on the left side of the highway. Uninhabited for the last 60 years, the place is slowly turning into ruins. All the furniture and artifacts have been moved to the dungurpur palace. The Lake behind the hill is an awe inspiring sight.
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The stairwell and the rooms were filled with tiny bats. it adds eeriness to the already haunted palace. and the place has an overwhelming stench. the bats keep flying around and hit on ur body, some cling on to you. so better cover up ur face with a scarf.
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view from terrace
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Long trip.