Bir-Billing, the Valley famous for "Paragliding"


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Paragliding, an adventure sport, like many other adventure sports out there in the world, make the adrenaline rush in your blood once you are about to do it.
Paragliding, adventure sport in my bucket list for so long, that this time when i got 3 days window from my work schedule, I knew I had to do this, my first Adventure sport ever.

So here is a 3 part video series, where you can see my experience, my bike ride to Bir and later to Barot the next day after Paragliding.

So here is part 1 of the trip-

And here is the part 2 of the trip,
feat- Paragliding Take-off and Landing, Bir to Barot bike journey, My experience of Paragliding and Costs involved.

The last and final part of the return leg of my journey to be out soon.


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So guys,

Here is the next and final part of this series, Features-
1- My stay in Barot.
2- Bharat Band in Kharar and Ambala
3-How I managed to come out of Ambala Bandh using Interior roads.

With this I would end this Video log, Hope you guys enjoyed it.
If you enjoyed it, you can watch more videos on my channel and if you want to see my videos as an when I upload them, subcribe to my channel.
Till the next trip. Ciao!!