Black Colt's Expedition : Around Panch-Chulis


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IGI Delhi - 7:00pm
Flight delays, missing the trains, luggage misplacement, thus our journey began with all the chaos soon after we landed in IGI-Delhi.
We never thought Delhi would be so hot in September. Waiting for Aaditya who was flying in a different flight which was running behind schedule was altogether a different story. We realised, that we wont be able to reach Old Delhi railway station and it was easy to miss our train. Meanwhile, we also hired a rented vehicle for Katgodham for of us.

When he landed at 10:30pm, three hours behind schedule, we came to know that his luggage was misplaced and it was still lying in Mumbai Airport. The airline authorities were helpless and they could only hand over the luggage next day morning.
Now to save time and money, we didnt had any options but to sit in the car and move ahead leaving behind him in Delhi itself. At same time, it didnt made any sense to leave the luggage behind as it had all trekking gears and essential equipments.
The journey was unpleasant and sleepless from Delhi to Katgodham. The food at one of the many Sai Dhabas in Ghaziabad on NH9 added more trouble to our life. We were all worried.

Entering Uttarakhand
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Katgodham - 8:00am.
We soon shifted our luggage to another vehicle, which would take us to Munsyari on the same day. The vehicle was arranged by our guide. The weather was cool and we all could see Shivaliks from where stood. Every hour we kept on calling up with Aaditya to know the status of luggage but we didnt recieved any pleasant news. It was still in Mumbai.

The unique and beautiful landscapes of Kumaon​
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Sorry guys, I wont be able to complete the log, as I am finding it difficult to post photos(only) due to some glitch
I have tried to different browsers, with different internet connection and suggestions given by @adsatinder as well.
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Day II - Katgodham to Munsyari

Munsyari was super cold as soon as we arrived. Later we came to know, it was raining throughout the day.
Three rooms facing Panchchulis were allotted to us at Pandeys Lodge. But it was pitch dark outside, due to thick mist and we were in no mood to even bother about the views with our broken backs. We dozed off early after quick dinner, and planned to wake up early to catch a glimpse of Panchchulis.

Meanwhile, Aditya was on his way to Katgodham all alone. He had received his baggage at 5pm. After delay of 21 hours in total.
Thanks to Air-India!

The roads of Kumaon are just amazing and smooth, unlike Garhwal.
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After Berinag
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Panchchuli IV&V
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