Brand New Royal Enfield Classic -350 Right Side Pulling

Is all RE pull towards right side? I doubt!! May be you wanted to say "Majority"!!
Yeah i found this issue in classic series..

Haha, But till now no Bike other than RE providing such a pleasant cruising experience (except Avenger). Now a days Bike launching with dual purpose Cruising + Sports. I can't say how good will engine perform. But knows only thing cruising bike demands respect. We can't use cruising bike as a sports bike.
YES, but there is lots of other factors other than cruising. Riding long stroke bike is a different feel. Avenger is a urban cruiser.

Avenger is way better then RE
Agreed LOL
Except torque Avenger is a better deal than RE and the additional torque only counts when you ride with pillion or heavy laggage. I compared both bike myself after back to back rides. Best part with A220 street is you can save upto ₹50k.