Budget hotels at Gujarat to Leh


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Ok. Fine. But just remember its gonna be much more tougher than Mt. Abu. So my advice still would be to take it easy early on!
MAD RIDER, what i want to say is palanpur is not on NH-8 ( A-BAD to JAIPUR).
so from a'bad you have to take himmatnagar road - to shamlaji - to udaipur - to chittorgarh- to kishangarh - to jaipur ( the GQ). So you can plan first night halt at udaipur ( approx 750 kms from mumbai) , and second night halt at delhi/panipat (700 kms.)


I have no fix plans.Everything will be decided on conditions of traffic,bike condition and ofcourse my condition also.Thanks for recommendations.If i sucessfully complete the trip the whole credit will first go to the bcm touring members.
First thing is when are you planning to ride. Is it during Rains or after Rains. What distance you will be able to cover depends on climate conditions also, then accordingly plan. As such if you start from Mumbai your first stop can be Baroda /Ahemdabad. Next can easily be Jaipur. From Jaipur you can reach Roopnagar/Bilaspur and fourth Day you reach Manali.


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At Jaipur - Hotel Pear Palace, Ajmer Road
At Delhi - Hotel Gold Regency, Paharhanj

Dear members pls suggest budjet hotels (around rs.400 - 500) on the way from mumbai to leh. wish to stop at palanpur, jaipur, delhi, manali ,sarchu and leh.
I think this may prove helpful to the other memebers also.
If possilbe addresses for the bike mechanics also.


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For this i think you can directly go to a travel portal like yatra or any other site, which would give you all the details regarding places, flights, hotels, basically all online instant reservations.
Hope this would help:)


While coming back from Goa,I was looking for a decent family hotel frequented by people for safety reasons and I found this hotel located at outskirts of Surat city on Nh-8.Highly recommended.Big,spacious,clean rooms with tv,room service.Big bathroom.We were provided 3 pouches of shampoo,clean towels.They even provided bathroom slippers.
They also have a full fledged restaurant for highway travellers.
Rent just :r:450.:)

Front part of hotel

Restaurant area


Hello All,

Any hotel recommendations on Mumbai - Delhi highway @ Ahmedabad or near by?

We are planning Mumbai - Delhi - Manali - Leh road trip by bikes.

The planned halts are Ahmedabad, Ajmer and Delhi.

Please suggest.

Thank you.

Supriy Fale