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Lucifer: Thats a wonderful example of night photograph as well.
Bhavesh: Good shot.
Siddhartha: What a beautiful series! Loved all of them..but 1st and 4th are out of imagination. :)


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This is a personal opinion but B&W photography on digital does not work. B&W photos highlight the contrast, shadows, and highlights. Consumer digital cameras shoot colour and then convert it to B&W. This is the effect of converting a colour shot into B&W during PP. Unless you are a pro at judging how colours behave during de-saturation, it is not possible to get the exposure right.

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Bizzare & Interesting Buildings

I am starting this thread for buildings that stand apart from others, for any reason.

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This is the picture of St. Theresa's Church at Eravu, 12 kms west of Thrissur in Kerala built in the shape of a ship sailing in the surrounding water stream!

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