Bullet 500 a.k.a. Bullet पांच 100 (Ownership)


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Hi all,

Writing down after a long time. Was busy in personal stuff. So, let me update 1.9 years/18000 KM ownership of my Bullet 500. I am reviewing after riding on highways and in Noida Traffic. Every 3rd week of month I used to ride for 500 KM from Noida to YamunaNagar. I think I am eligible to talk about RE reliability.
To do a reliability test this instead of servicing my Bull at 18000 KM i run almost 1000 KM extra did service on 19000 KM.

  1. Age never matter for Bullet. 1.9 yrs/18000 km still it have same torque/power as Day 1.
  2. On Highway getting Mileage of 34-38 KMPL on speed of 85-95 kmph.
  3. If you are riding above 90 KMPH and you see pothole no need to panic, just apply little brake and you never feel that Bull is out of Control.
  4. Low on Maintenance. Paid Service Bill is around 2000 Rs. For 500 CC its nothing.
  5. Most people complaint about frequent part replacement but trust me in every service only Oil filter, Air Filter & Engine oil are only consumable. In alternate service brake pad as well. My Bull is totally in stock condition till date with only some electrical changes. No Alloy wheels, No Dug Dug silencer that might be the reason of low maintenance and less vibrations.
  6. Cost of parts are reasonable. Disc Brake pads will cost you around 250 Rs.
  7. No road side brake down. I agree there are some niggles but no break down at all.

Now its a time for some Cons.

  1. Rear brake is very poor. But happy to have frond disc. Even you are doing 100 KMPH and apply front disc it never rotates 180 degree.
  2. Chrome needs lot of polishing.
  3. As I am using Bull for daily commuting in Noida as well so it requires clutch adjustment at every 1000 -1200 KM.

Note: My Bullet 500 is BS3 model. In case if you have BS4 then you need to take extra care. Never top up your tank to full. I heard lot of issues with them but today 27/10/2018 I have seen live. Today at Solitaire motors Noida sec-63 a guy bring his Classic 350 gun mattle grey for a service only 3000 km done with complaint of starting problem. After few mins we come to know from RE technician that Fuel tank need replacement due to some issue and petrol seepage. Process was very cool. Within few they took case under warranty claim and without charging anything from customer they changed the petrol tank and other parts.

19000 KM Paid Service bill: 1950 Rs



Few days back Bullet was parked in basement and somehow a brick fell from somewhere and hit the petrol tank. Petrol tank got damaged. Claimed from HDFC ergo and finally replaced tank. New tank costs around 9000 after insurance claim I paid around 1300.