Buses from Chikmagalur to Udupi/Manipal?


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Hello everyone. I'm new here.
Are buses available from chikmagalur to udupi. I'm travelling from chikmagalur on 29th. I've basically searched the entire internet but was unable to find anything useful. Does anyone have any information on this?
Thanks in advance.


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Couple of threads below, similar query exists:
Buses from Udupi to chikkamagalur?

6:30 AM and 1 PM from either side there are KSRTC Express buses: https://static.abhibus.com/ks/pdf/timeTable/Udupi.pdf
Alternatively you can do a cut service for other timings. Take any bus to Dharmasthala from Chikkmagaluru and alight at Ujire. From Ujire you get buses going towards Udupi [coming from Dharmasthala]. There may be lesser frequency from 11 AM to 3 PM.
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