Buying a Pre-Loved SX4 Petrol, my OLX experience.


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Congrats Jeet for your SX4, a great detailed review above THUMBS UP for that. Wishing you many happy miles in this car and hope you post lots of log in coming days. Congrats again :)


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I am so glad to read this post of yours. I observed some of these already. You completed the list, nicely.

>> I saw single bearing price at maruti as 5.5K. Is it correct?
>> Full checkup is due, right seat covers are replaced with interior dryclean.
>> Yeah, I also felt that alighnment will keep me truobled. Will get adjusted soon. I know a good shop in Noida Sec16.
>> Can I see the filter myself under the glovebox?

1st gear is fine. But it does jerk if rpm is below 1100. So I have learned it now.
Rear drom makes some noise at parking speed only, in my case.

Usually how much is the life of Pads and Drum?

Tyres can live for another year. Will change them with Accelere, or Falken. There are the 2 I rate best for VFM. Bridges will be damn expensive for this size.

>>>> Just love the changes you have done to your ride. Congrats.

I think Horn is fine for my taste. But I do need bulb upgrade. Current is not even as good as my Estillo. Dont know if it has original bulb still. Will check.

Yes, this tyre is rare. But big trunk means I can carry an extra tyre(without wheel) on the long drives. :grin:

I am always a fan of your pictues. Specially the one HDR of SX4 in snow, front pose (Kashmir wala).

Congrats, a perfect choice. Few things I would suggest you get checked during any next service you are planning:

1. Both front and rear wheel bearings, in 2008/2009 models its used to wear out very fast and needed replcement for better designed bearings.
2. Replace the wipers with Bosch frameless wipres, absolute fantastic response. I recently got it replace for 900 Rs.
3. Get shocker and spring checked.
4. Alignment is a pain in SX4, get it done from a good place.
5. Check if there is an AC filter in place, if yes get it cleaned. AC in any case is a chiller in SX4.
6. Rear brake drum, makes funny noises in most of the cases. A cleaning solves the problem, but just for few weeks

Rear shockers are dirt cheap for SX4, when last I got it replaced, a pair for 2400 Rs. never needed to replace front shockers.

There is initial judder or jerks when you pickup from 1st gear, its common with pre turbo SX4. So don't panic if you experience it. Just need to adjust the driving style a bit.

Service record is centralized in Maruti and accessible at all MASS in India.

There is no empty fuel alarm or light, so keep an eye on the fuel gauge :)

For tyres I used Apollo Aceller in past which are decent and value for money. I am using Bridgestone GIII Potenza now, very costly but super quite and comfortable.

I recently made few changes in my SX4, which goes very well with our long drives.
1. Installed Blaupunkt Newyork 800, mainly for GPS, USB, Bluetooth and Hands Free call. This was few months back
2. Last Saturday, I got Kicker Components in front and Speakers in rear. I was really bored with the OEM came with the car.
3. TPMS, external setup, absolute must for long drives, can really lives. Also remember 205/15R16 is very rare size to get a new tyre, while you are on long drives.
4. Got the dual horns, roots vibrosonic, with a custom relay kit.
5. upgraded to 90/100 Hella bulbs with Hella Relay kit.

I will post a picture for you in the evening, that will make you really happy for choosing SX4 :)


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Very detailed review of Buying a car from online ad-sites...

Sx4 is a great choice and yeah the humour on these sites is huge,one can laugh out loud,real loud.....


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Jeet I love the mentality you have. I go with the same thought process. Some of the practical points you mentioned were eye opener for me eg:
1) Accident cases are more easily identified by Denter than a mechanic.
2) Look for drilled holes in chassis for Gas Kit.
3) About the lock key set.

For a VFM decision its always sensisble to buy cars which are not in demand. But then these cars are either:
1) From a brand which doesnot sell well like FIAT.
2) The particular car had a problem.
3) The car looks ugly or outdated.
4) The car's production has been stopped.
5) The fuel efficiency of the Car is questionable, typical Indian mentality but might be a plus point for us.

Going for Car Brands which do not sell well like Fiat, Chevrolet will have the problems of spare parts availability and for any problems on-road you always have to tow the vehicle to nearest ASS centre.
By taking a SX4 from Maruti you have solved nearly all the problems like spare parts availability and service centre availability.


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Thanks TIMAP, Tushar, TG, Anup Sir

Will need to get car serviced tomorrow.

Had the car checkup done by CarNation during free camp at my office today. Opposite to my expection, engine oil was in bad shape, coolent looks like plain water. Seems like car was not serviced for long. Owner had told me that it was serviced 2000KM back.

Anyway, I am planning Castrol Magnatc 5W30 Semi oil (4.3L), and Shell Gear Oil 80W90 (2.6L), Coolent either MGO or Castrol.

Anyone owning SX4 old model, can please recommend the oil choise. Above is taken from Owner Manual.

Other parts to change will be Plugs, filters, Brake Pad, shoes(If needed), break oil (Dot3).

Please suggest.


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Oh My God!
Really, so seriously and in one go I have never read even my course thesis to solve a unsolved murder mystery ..;):rolleyes:

Really very useful and as John Mathai commented..considered as "CASE STUDY" for others.

Thank You and wish you to have many miles happily with this car with loved one and all other family members..
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