Buying Windows 7


I have finally decided to bite the bullet and decided to upgrade to Windows 7 home premium.

However, I can't really seem to find a good deal on it and I don't really have any ebay coupons left. So in case anyone knows where I can find a good deal (trustworthy and genuine of course) then it would be great.

Right now I am getting the following prices at various online stores, roughly 7k (after taxes and delivery charges) from Microsoft's official store, 6.7k on Ebay from a dealer with good ratings and 6.15k from Primagbg (checking with them if there are any delivery charges).


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Guys I am looking for genuine license, not shortcuts! In any case, I have just spoken to local Croma store and they have it for 6.2k and unless I find a better deal, I will be going with them.


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as u wish sir but i was talking about the same software which the dealers use to make windows genuine not a crack or so

best of luck for better deal


Finally bought it from local Croma store for Rs. 6,123 and also bought 3 PC games for Rs. 398 :D



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legit is the best way to go. YS any ideas how much it would take to upgrade from Windows Vista Ultimate to Windows & Ultimate ?

I am currently running Vista Ultimate for about more than an year now, although it has become a lot stable during this time it still has its quirks !


Sorry, no idea and I don't think I saw any options for it at Croma. You can call up Microsoft's toll free number and check 1800-114-001


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Congrats for upgrading your Comp!
TurboGT looks like a nice game! I'm requesting you to give it to me for few days once you're over with the game! :grin: