Aj Raina
In a land known (also) for marijuana, such a name sounds apt but the fact is that the name is inspired by a fabled old lady by the same name. Fables of Mari Vanna can be found in Siberia and Russia and in some part of Himalayas too. Located at Katagla, it can be reached via any of the two footbridges over Parvati River around Kasol. If we take Kasol town's bridge, we will have to walk around 03 Kms through woods, along the far bank of Parvati River (downstream). While the walk is on almost a flat terrain, it may be a bit long for a few. But once you have finished there, just walk another half a Km and you will hit the next bridge across which is the road where lift/boarding a bus or taxi would be feasible.
For lazier ones, take a ride till Jai Nalla (3.5 kms from Kasol, towards bhuntar), get down and cross over the footbridge. Then, turn right and walk 400m to reach.
Back to the cafe, it is amidst a jungle and is very close to river itself. So, while the forest gives you isolatory privacy, music from the river keeps your company, especially, if you are seated in the lawn or the backyard. Interiors are great - all wood and seating on the ground.

Interiors are all wood, neatly laid out with flexibility to suit guests' needs

Look at the unbeatable location..... River can be seen towards right edge of the picture
Coming to the menu and spread..... it is adequate though not over-board! But the beauty lies in freshness in the preparations, lack of haste and an unbeatable environ. Very popular among the walkers who cross over from either of the bridges before crossing back over via the other bridge, the place is gaining prominence. It stands out when compared to its older siblings in the area and I would rate it (over all package) as the best in Katagla.
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