Can we carry alcohol in the checked-in luggage?


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Should not be an issue. I have carried twice, clearly declaring the same.

PS : You may like to leave one with me to reduce your load. :p :twisted: :grin:


If you are still in doubt I could come to see you off and in case you are not allowed to take the bottles, just hand them over to me. My gang will be thankfull from the bottom of their glasses :p

So it won't be any issue if I use a suitcase and the scotch is sealed and packed in its box? Two bottles of scotch?
EDIT Just saw hiambuj's post. Guess tipplers think alike :grin:


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abb to kuch bhi ho jaaye, bottle to Indigo mein jayegi hi jayegi, batcaveowner jaaye ya na jaaye
...hiambuj bhai ab piche nahi haatne wale ...:D