Car Care

Yogesh Sarkar

Sealant or polish?

As far as brush is concerned, just buy a small paint brush from local hardware shop. It is good enough for cleaning chain as well as spokes.
I am looking for Sealant and the brush is to clean the brake dust on my car's wheel, so the paint brush might not be helpful. Somebody suggested some wheel brush from a brand called Daytona, is it available in India?

Sandeep Dhawan

The Contrarian!
Except car detailing, I also opt for online shopping through eBay for car accessories. Most of the retailers are based in Delhi only. I get products of better quality and less price compared to what is being quoted here in Bangalore.
Anybody used Daytona brushes and they are claiming that as the safest brushes, but pretty costly. Any feedback on that is really appreciated.