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Suneesh Sharma

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Hi All,

Just wanted to add this as I really liked the concept. Although its not new at all and many of us would already be using it as per my guess. But I thought to share my own experience and how it is not only helping me to get some perks for every trip but also to get a person with whom you can chit chat and share thoughts on various topics which in a way eases the mental stress - thanks to traffic jams that I daily face from Delhi to Gugaon to and fro.

Recently I had been using Quick Ride and Wundercar and overall experience had been awesome.

Both apps are easy to use and you can add your paytm account to receive payouts from co-passengers.
Biggest benefit that I see is that its a way by which you may interact with n number of people coming from various domains and working with wide variety of organisations.

One more safe aspect associated with these apps is that almost all the members have a verified profile from their organisations. Its not like a person sitting at home and trying to just make use of this app can simply use it for some illegitimate purposes.

For Wundercar pool, android users can use below link:

For quickride, please follow below url :

Both apps are also on ios as well.
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