Carrying tripod on flights

Yogesh Sarkar

And that brings me to one question.

You are flying to LEH :shock:
Yes sir, planning to celebrate new year in Ladakh.

Tripods fit into haversack easily along with towels,clothes etc which you can check in and can serve as a padding.No need for hard suitcase which might have to lug around unless you have habit of wearing ironed clothes from hard suitcase:twisted:.20-25 liter haversack is a good investment and you can attach it your motorcycle too:grin:

Dont let them weigh your cabin bags unless you are asked too.Carry everything insomething innocent looking like a laptop bag.I carry heaviest stuff in cabin bags like books etc and and most of times you can slip past without having them weigh it:grin:
Haversack won't protect the tripod that much, especially considering the way baggage guys handle check in luggage.

Yogesh Sarkar

Forgot to update this thread, I had emailed Jet Airways regarding this and had received the following reply and hence decided to check in my tripod.

Dear Mr. Sarkar,

This is with reference to your email enquiring about baggage

The maximum dimensions per checked-in bag (H + W + L) must not exceed 158cms (62 inches) and that of per hand baggage (H + W + L) 115 cm (45 inches).

However the tripod has to be checked in as fragile during the travel.

Should you require any further information or assistance, may we request you to call the Reservation centre at 39893333 which is available for 6 cities – Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Chennai and Kolkata (please affix the city code if you are calling from a mobile).

You can also call us on our All India toll free number 1 800 225522 (available from BSNL/MTNL phones only).


Pranali Wani
Jet Airways Help Desk.

Rohit Kothari

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Forgot to update this thread, I had emailed Jet Airways regarding this and had received the following reply and hence decided to check in my tripod.
I was allowed to carry it as hand baggage on a jet airways flight to portblair ..and this was in Dec 2012 ... Also carried it on my return flight via GoAir as handbaggage. No problems whatsoever.


Normally tripods are not allowed in the cabin, unless it can be folded to such an extent that it would slip into your cabin baggage. I always mark my tripod as fragile while checking in. That way, it would be the last to go in and would be the first to come out.

In domestic circuit, you're always at the mercy of CISF personals. It sometimes depends on their mood as to what they'll allow and what not. Once at Kolkata airport, all the passengers were asked to leave their rosogulla packets at the security check. I got lucky as I was carrying sondesh :)


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With the latest Boston Marathon blasts, TSA in US is going to go berserk! BTW, the safety rule in India is a bit ambiguos as far as tripos are concerned. They are not expressly prohibited, but they can be classified as any object with pointed end or which can be used as or to mimick a weapon. Thus it becomes the judgement of the person at the counter.
I have always taken the Wimberley Head out and put it in the check in luggage and put the tripod legs in a bag I have purchased from Photosystems. I also stuf in things like chappal, undergarments, towel etc, both for utilizing the space and for padding the tripod.


Can I carry a tripod in onboard luggage traveling by spicejet

Just was to know if anyone had any problems carrying a tripod along in hand baggage? I have a small 8 inch tripod (slik mini). Traveling by Spicejet..