Carrying tripod on flights


Re: Can I carry a tripod in onboard luggage traveling by spicejet

In all probability no, and if you take a chance and refused at Security check, then you are doomed, you will have to go back to check-in counter and checkin it again, no worth all that effort and delay. Just pack it in check-in bag


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I just got through with a tripod as Cabin Baggage on a Jet flight between Delhi & Ahmedabad. I went early to have my options open. I went to the Boarding Card Counter and explained the matter to the lady manning the counter. She directed me to the CISF official at the security checkin counter who assured me of letting me through with a tripod. He didn't even check the tripod manually. I returned to the lady and handed rest of the luggage to her and took my camera & tripod as cabin baggage. No fuss anywhere.

BTW I was carrying a Slik F 730 (,1,G,9226359,g,search,,19319548220,1o5,,,c,,,,,,,&gclid=COzv1bappbkCFYgB4god3UsA6w )
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Yes, even i check in with my tripod. Previous month I traveled to Shimla and I carried it in by bag and I have a smaller tripod so never faced so much trouble.