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Mobile Banking

With ICICI Bank Mobile Banking discover quick, simple and convenient way to take command of your bank account, on your mobile phone.

Mobile Banking has the following advantages:

  • Convenient way to access your account
  • Safe and Secure Banking
  • Convenient way to pay bills (Telephone, electricity & other utilities)
  • Get exciting offers and discounts
  • Banking services without internet (SMS Banking & NUUP)
Our mobile banking services work with almost all types of handsets and help you access your ICICI Bank account anytime, anywhere.

A quick and easy registration is all you need to avail ICICI Bank Mobile Banking services. Get started with Mobile Banking. Register Now!


Discover the most comprehensive mobile banking app with over 150 services today. Get complete control of your bank account now on mobile. Transfer funds, pay bills, book tickets, recharges, open a deposit and do a lot more.

Pockets by ICICI Bank


Pockets by ICICI Bank is a unique ‘Digital Bank’. Its first offering is a wallet – a virtual place to store your money and use it for various transactions like mobile recharge, send money, send gifts, pay bills and many more. What’s more, the cool user app interface can be personalised as you like and it lets you transact in a snap. Furthermore, there is also an option of getting a zero balance savings account. and users get to try more than 100 services making it a must-have mobile banking app.

SMS Banking

You do not need a smart phone or a data plan activated on your mobile phone to avail our Mobile Banking services. Our SMS Banking services allow you to pay bills, recharge prepaid services and avail banking services by sending a simple SMS. gives you the convenience of banking while on the move. Enjoy Internet banking services such as fund transfer, bill pay, prepaid mobile /DTH recharge, manage your account and avail mobile banking services anywhere and at anytime.

Mobile Money

Mobile Money is an account on your mobile phone where your mobile number itself is the account number. Mobile Money accounts are offered by ICICI Bank in association with telecom network providers. Some mobile banking features that can be availed through Mobile Money account are Deposit Money, Prepaid Recharge, Transfer Funds, Pay Bills, Withdraw Cash, Pay Merchants.

DMRC Metro Card Recharge

ICICI Bank has launched DMRC Metro Card recharge facility through mRupee outlets of MMPL (A subsidiary of Tata Teleservices Limited) in Delhi & NCR region. This mobile banking service lets you recharge your metro card instantly!

Call to Pay
A simple phone call is all it takes to pay your utility bills, recharge any prepaid mobile or DTH connection through our Call to Pay service.

Immediate Payment Service is an interbank electronic instant mobile money transfer service through mobile phones. Our IMPS service helps you access your Bank Account and transfer funds instantly.

Dial *99# (NUUP)

ICICI Bank presents National Unified USSD Platform (NUUP) - a simple and convenient way to access your account from mobile without internet connection or a smart phone. Using NUUP service, you can transfer funds and get access to your mobile banking details such as account balance and mini statement. Simply dial *99# from your mobile to access your account instantly. You will be required to enter an IFS code, please enter ICIC as IFS code.

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Go Mobile App (Android and iOS)


IDBI Bank's “Go Mobile” App greatly enhances the customer’s banking experience through a simple and user friendly interface and also provides a wide range of features and services. The Mobile App gives a user, the flexibility to operate and transact on your account wherever you are and whenever you need it 24x7. A user can view their account statements or make a remittance on the go at their convenience, when at work or even while commuting. Checking the balance in your account, managing and scheduling utility bill payments, adding a top-up in your prepaid mobile phone or DTH account, paying VISA credit card bills or instantly transferring money from one bank account to another through IMPS (Immediate Payment Service) is now possible at the click of just a few buttons on your phone.

Banking through the IDBI Bank Go Mobile App not only saves your time or a visit to the Bank, but also reduces the risk of fraud. IDBI Bank uses sophisticated encryption technology for secure data transfer from your mobile phone to the Bank’s mobile banking server.

The following Key services can be now be easily accessed from your mobile handset:

  • Account Balance Enquiry
  • Account Statement Enquiries.
  • Cheque Status Enquiry / Stop Payment.
  • Cheque Book Requests.
  • Fund Transfer between Accounts within the Bank and to other Banks (NEFT).
  • Instant Funds Remittance through IMPS ( Immediate Payment Service)
  • Utility Bill Payments.
  • Mobile and DTH Recharge


Q1. Do I have to register for Mobile Banking channel to use the new Mobile Banking App?
A. Yes. One time Registration is required for Mobile Banking which provides you an option to select and access from all or either of the Mobile Banking access channels i.e. through SMS, USSD, Browser and Mobile App.

Q2 How do I register for Mobile Banking Channel?
A. Register Online through Net Banking or submit the Channel Registration Form (CRF) at the nearest IDBI Bank Branch.

Q3 How will I know that I am registered for Mobile Banking?
A On successful registration, you will receive a mobile banking activation message by SMS and Email on your registered mobile number / Email ID.

Q4 How do I activate and use the Mobile Banking App?
A Follow the simple steps mentioned below:
Step 1: Go to Google Play Store/ Apple Store and download the IDBI Bank “Go Mobile” App
Step 2: Visit from your desktop PC, click on 'Set Password Online' link and validate your Debit Card / PIN credentials
Step 3: Enable/Select the Downloadable App Channel and set a Temporary PIN
Step 4: From your mobile, click on the “Go Mobile” icon and select Activate button (a one-time activity)
Step 5: Use the Temporary PIN created online to generate your permanent 4 digit MPIN

Q5.What is the daily transaction limit for the Mobile App version?
A. The daily transaction (consolidated) limitof Rs. 25000/- per day will apply for all type of transactions initiated through under the Mobile App Channel. You have an option to enhance the daily limit by submitting a written request at the Branch.

Q6. What should I do if I am not able to login due to ‘Invalid Login Credentials’?
A. Please check, if you have Activated the App using the ‘Activate Button’ available on the login page of Mobile App.

Q7. Can I change my MPIN?
A. You may use the change MPIN option available on the home page (post login) to change your MPIN as and when required.

Q8. I have forgotten my MPIN, what should I do?
A. You will need to visit and follow the process as described in Q4 – Step 2, to instantly generate the MPIN.

Q9. What are the technical requirements of my mobile handset?
. In order to avail of the Mobile Banking App facility, the user should have a GPRS or Wi-fi enabled (internet connectivity) mobile handset with the Android / iOS platform.

Q10. What are the charges for downloading the App or using the Mobile Banking App service?
A. Internet data charges may be levied by your respective service providers based on your usage and operator plans.

Q11. When do I have to generate the OTP?
. For every new transaction or beneficiary addition you will be required to generate the OTP. This OTP is valid for 30 minutes only.

Q12. Will the Biller registrations / Beneficiaries added on the I-Net Banking Channel be visible on the Mobile Banking Channel?
. Yes, all biller registrations / beneficiaries added on the existing I-Net banking channel will be visible on the mobile banking App channel and vice versa (except for third party beneficiary registrations within the Bank, which will also be made available in due course).

Q13. How do I transfer funds to another bank account?
. You can transfer funds 24x7 and instantly through IMPS using IFSC & Account Number OR MMID & Mobile Number.
You can also use NEFT fund transfer 24x7 however NEFT remittance requests received after the cut-off timing, will be executed only on the next working day.

Q14. Can I use Mobile Banking App anywhere from India or abroad?
A.Yes, you need to have an active GPRS/Wi-fi connection to use the Mobile Banking App.

Q15. What if I want to change my mobile phone device?
. To use the Mobile Banking Application on your new device, you will have to re-download the application on your new handset and follow the steps mentioned for activating the App (Q3).

Q16. What if I change my mobile number?
. Visit the nearest IDBI Bank to update your new mobile number. Please note that you will be able to use the same MPIN to login however the OTPs will not be sent to your new mobile number till it is updated with the Bank.

Q17. Can I use Mobile Banking App from any mobile?
A. It is advisable to use this facility from your own Mobile. Please note that you cannot use this App on 2 different mobiles. In order to use the App on a different mobile, you will have to follow the activation process again.

Q18. How do I terminate this service?
To terminate this service, you need to visit ‘Set Password’ link available on our website to disable the Downloadable App channel and delete the App from your mobile handset or you may temporarily de-activate the service by selecting the De-Activate option under the “ More” option.

Q19. How secure is the Mobile Banking App?
A.IDBI Bank Go Mobile App is a highly secured platform and requires Two- Factor authentication in the form of a dynamic OTP for each and every transaction.The MPIN created by you, is securely encrypted on your mobile handset. No account information or any other account sensitive credentials is stored on your mobile phone, making it completely safe and secure.



State Bank FreedoM  Your Mobile Your Bank
Away from home, balance enquiries can be made and/or money sent to the loved ones or bills can be paid anytime 24x7!!! That is what State Bank FreedoM offers -convenient, simple, secure, anytime and anywhere banking.

1. Mobile Banking Service over Application/ Wireless Application Protocol (WAP)
The service is available on java enabled /Android mobile phones (with or without GPRS) /i-phones where the user is required to download the application on to the mobile handset. The service can also be availed via WAP on all phones (java/non java) with GPRS connection.

The following functionalities are available:
  • Funds transfer (within and outside the bank)
  • Immediate Payment Services (IMPS): Click here for details.
  • Enquiry services (Balance enquiry/ Mini statement)
  • Cheque book request
  • Demat Enquiry Service
  • Bill Payment (Utility bills, credit cards, Insurance premium), Donations, Subscriptions
  • Mobile /DTH Top up
  • M Commerce (Merchant payments, SBI life insurance premium)
Business Rules
  • All Current/ Savings Bank Account holders in P segment and Current accountholders in SME segment are eligible.
  • Transaction limit per customer per day is Rs.50,000/- with a calendar month limit of Rs.2,50,000/-
  • All customers can avail the Service irrespective of their telecom service provider.
  • The Service is free of charge. SMS/GPRS cost will be borne by the customer.
2. Mobile Banking Service over SMS:
The service is available on all phones. You can send keywords as SMS to 9223440000. Click here for the list of keywords. Ordinary SMS charges are applicable.

The following functionalities are available:
  • Enquiry Services (Balance Enquiry/Mini Statement)
  • Prepaid Mobile / MobiCash wallet Top up
  • DTH Recharge
  • IMPS Fund transfer – (Mobile number & MMID and Account Number & IFS Code)
  • Change MPIN
  • IMPS Merchant payments
Business Rules
  • All Current/ Savings Bank Account holders in P segment and Current accountholders in SME segment are eligible.
  • Transaction limit per customer per day is Rs.1,000/- with a calendar month limit of Rs.5,000/- . However, customers desiring to transact up to Rs.5000/- per day or Rs25,000/- per month may do so after obtaining an One Time Password (OTP)
  • Service available over all telecom service providers.
  • The Service is free of charge. SMS cost will be borne by the customer.
  • As a precaution, Customers are requested to delete all the messages sent to the number 9223440000, once the response for their request has been received.
3. Mobile Banking Service over USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data)
The service is available on all phones except CDMA phones. Downloading of application is not required. Subscribers have to dial *595# to avail the service.

The following functionalities are available:
  • Enquiry Services (Balance Enquiry/Mini Statement)
  • Mobile Top up
  • Funds Transfer (within Bank)
Business Rules
  • All Current/ Savings Bank Account holders in P segment and Current accountholders in SME segment are eligible.
  • Transaction limit per customer per day is Rs.1,000/- with a calendar month limit of Rs.5,000/-
  • The Service is available for subscribers of select telecom operators only.
  • The Service is free of charge. USSD session charges will be borne by the customer.
  • The service is session based and requires a response from the user within a reasonable time.
Security Tips:
  • Maintain secrecy of MPIN
  • Download authorised mobile banking software from
  • Ensure privacy when entering MPIN
  • Lock mobile with password when not in use
  • Logout from mobile banking application after the transaction is over
  • Deregister from mobile banking service immediately, if mobile / SIM is lost
  • Do not disclose user ID, MPIN, account/customer number etc. to others
  • Do not click on links in emails/SMS to access your account
  • State Bank Rewardz for Mobile Banking


Super User
Strange enough China backed and Modi Sarkar promoted Paytm is not a listed company in India.

Hope government does not allows them to bite much, what they cannot chew.

With increasing database Paytm servers are crumbling.

Government should had cchecked their infrastructure before promoting them by posing as poster boys.


All these exercises are sudden load on servers that were handling Rs.10 crore per day.
Now load is more than 12-15 times more per day.
It will take time to go cashless also.
Nothing comes easy.
Everything takes own time.
Even security issues are creating big problems for common man.
Less educated / less tech savvy ones are in much problem.
Many people are fooling them too.


a whatsapp message:

This is a forwarded message by one of my friend.
It happened to my friend's daughter this evening. And everyone should be careful about using paytm or any mobile wallet app. She was transferring some amount to Cheddha stores in Matunga East after a purchase today 7th Dec at 8 pm She was asked to scan the QR code pasted in the reception. She did it but they said ' no madam the amount has not been transferred'. On further investigation she found out that they had deliberately given the QR code of a different phone number and checking the transaction on a diff phone no. My daughter knew everything and literally caught them red handed. They were totally shaken when she literally grabbed the mobile and scanned a different QR code and proved to them that they were trying to cheat. When she called the phone no mentioned below the QR code a different phone rang. Other customers behind her who were less knowledgeable were astounded by this. I would request all users of paytm to scan the QR code of the mobile in their possession and NOT what is displayed. Also check the phone no below the QR code. Dial this number to verify that the said phone is ringing. This type of fraud can happen to you in taxis, shops or anywhere else.

Please forward to all your friends and people to verify the code of stores nearby to stop this fraud.
Pl circulate to those who think will benefit.