Chandigarh to Nainital via Saharnpur Haridwar Roads Sep.2107


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So finally I've chosen to travel via Chd. Jagadhari-Saharnpur-Haridwar-Nagina-Kashipur-Ramnagar-Haldwani route. I drove around 502 Km in 9 hrs.
Chd to Ambala Cant is an excellent drive.
Ambala to Jagadhari - ok sorts as the double road construction is going on. Lots of diversions but nothing to panic on this route.
Jagadhari to Saharnpur- Roads are full of potholes and speed won't go beyond 40-60. Single lane road with lots of wood logs loaded tractors.
Haridwar to Nagina via Najibabad- Very poor roads full of potholes and craters. Haphazard traffic. You can't go beyond 40.
Nagina to Kashipur via Dhampur, Sherkot- A little relief but random potholes..the moment you think of accelerating...potholes potholes and potholes.
Ramnagar to Haldwani 55 km drive is the best one. You really enjoy this small scenic route.
In all this wasn't the best decision to drive on this route. I will try the Moradabad Meerut Karnal Chd. Route on my way back home. Well update.
Thanks for reading..hope this helps.