Changed tyres today : Michelin XM2 at Mahesh Tyres Manpada, Thane. Is it time to change the tyres or wait?


Congrats !
New Rubber !
Drove 7-8kms since then. The ride quality is too good. Very supple, silent. The Original Apolloo Alnc 4g were never so silent and ride so nice.

BUT in last 3 years 8 months, only 1 tyre had 2 puncturesat the same time.Apollo Alnc 4g were extremely reliable. If budget is constraint, worth to go for Apollo Alnac 4G.

Michelines are michelines.. on my another car, they are serving too good evenafter 4 years and giving an excellent ride.


Sorry for late reply as you have already changed your rubbers.

In personal experience what you said is right.. after driving almost 40000 kms with michelines, Apollo even MRF would give more bumpy , hard and noisy drive. I upgraded my rubbers from Apollo to Micheline and then to Yokohama on my santro and Swaft Dzire as well. Yokohama yes bit pricey but comes with life time warranty against any cuts or tyre burst. Fun to drive and silent compared to Apollo.

Before closing just a Caution for those who will read this before changing tyres .. please upgrade tyres according to manufacturer specification only and not beyond that ( this is in regard to latest changes in automobile modification rules which came into effect from April 2019.. though dates extended) means if u have Swift LXI/Ldi then u can upgrade maximum to size which is used in Swift Zxi/ Zdi but not beyond that.

Congrats for New rubber once again..