Charming Chakrata to Challenging Chanshal.. Memoirs of Wanderlust


Vikas Bhadauria

It was a sleepy afternoon of July'15. Weather was so hot & damp that even breathing hard was an effort enough to put you to sleep. Especially when your belly is full after a sumptuous meal and your muscles were too relaxed to bother about supporting your body weight. :drinkers:

I was half sitting, half lying on the couch, daydreaming about a motorcycle ride in the Himalays when I received the call from my Dentist and my riding buddy, Dr. Manish Kansal.

Like me, Doc was also frustrated to the core because we haven't been on any ride from last 3 months and wanted to break free out of routine life.

After a call which lasted about an hour and half, we reached to conclusion that it's not the right time to head for the mountains because of incessant rains and multiple landslides happening in Himalayas. It was decided that we will break free as soon as the weather permits.

During our endless discussions in coming days to pick a destination, We came across 'Chanshal Pass' which was a very less visited destination and both agreed on this. Since we were making a plan for atleast 5 days to a week, we decided to add 'Chakrata' for our first stop in this journey as we both have not visited Chakrata yet.

Slowly and gradually, after endless Googling and many sleepless nights planning for the ride, we finally had a satisfactory Itinerary and the route to follow.


Day 1: Ghaziabad - Chakrata (Night Stay in Chakrata)

Day 2: Chakrata to Rohru (We will try reaching further if we have enough time till sunset)

Day 3: Rohru to Chanshal Pass and back to Rohru by Afternoon (How wrong I was even to think about it, which I realised later)

Day 4: Rohru to Sanjoli/Shimla (We didn't want to go back from the same route)

Day 5: Shimla to Ghaziabad

The Team:

As Mazrooh Sultanpuri rightly said:

"Mein akela hi chala tha, Jaanib-e-Manzil magar,
Log saath aate gaye, aur karvaan banta gaya ..!!"

By the time I and Doc finished the planning, I was bubbling with excitement and have already started to tell people in my office and riding community about this ride. Although a lot of people showed interest but only a handful were serious about joining the ride.

After a number of last minute 'Nays', we had a final count of people who would be going with us for sure.

It was a team of 7 members out of which, 2 were from entirely different age-group and background.

1. Your's Truly (Vikas Bhadauria)
- Working in a MNC in Gurgaon, I am from Ghaziabad.

2. Dr. Manish Kansal - A dentist by profession and a biker by heart. Dr. Manish hails from Ghaziabad.

3. Prashant Bains - Working in a government agency, Prashant was also from Ghaziabad.

4. Praveen Gullaiya - Praveen works in my office and resides in Delhi.

5. Rohit Kumar - Like praveen, Rohit also works in my office and resides in Delhi.

6. Deepak Gupta - Deepak ji is a businessman and a well known person in riding community in NCR region. He resides in Delhi.

7. Gurdeep Jaggi - Gurdeep ji met us through facebook and was riding with us for the first time ever. He was an avid rider in his college days but gave up riding. This was his first motorcycle ride after 20 years. he's a businessman and hails from Faridabad.



Vikas Bhadauria
Following the BCMT Tradition, Here are some of the teasers. :mrgreen::grin::twisted::twisted:

The Chanshal Pass


And their joy did not know any limits

Camera HDR Studio - 1442780558643.jpg

The Sunset from The Ridge, Shimla

Camera HDR Studio - 1442855995690.jpg

Fire in the Sky : The Sunset captured from The Ridge, Shimla


An Apple a day, keeps the doctor away. But my doctor did not go anywhere .. :tonqe::lol::p

Camera HDR Studio - 1442656685264.jpg

And, the journey will never end for Sure...!! .. Myself posing before reaching Chanshal Pass

Camera HDR Studio - 1442634019943.jpg

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Great Pics !
Great Plan !
Great Team !

6. Deepak Gupta - Deepak ji is a businessman and a well known person in riding community in NCR region. He resides in Delhi.

This is his FIRST Pic in BCMT Travelogues !
Thanks for covering him !
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Vikas Bhadauria
Great Pics !
Great Plan !
Great Team !

This is his FIRST Pic in BCMT !
Thanks for covering him !

Thank you Satinder Paa ji..

Deepak sir is one of the toughest riders I have met so far and he's always full of positivity and enthusiasm no matter what the situation is.

We could never forget his call for us to start moving .. "Guys..!! Rolling in 5 minutes..!! " .. :D :D
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Vikas Bhadauria

I had a failed attempt for Chansal Pass some years ago.

happy landings
Thank You Ramesh Sir .. Chanshal is certainly a difficult nut to crack with 18 hairpin bends, almost vertical ascent and non-existant roads. When I retrospect, I still feel amazed that we were able to complete the ride without any major problems..