Chasing Dreams - The Great Migration at Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya


Subrat Seet
We bids good buy to one of our group member on August 11. It was our first night at Mara Serena. One of the best properties at Mara. The view is just breathtaking. After staying in the tent for 4 nights, it was a luxurious option. Food was absolutely fantastic and lots of options. Indian orientation food.

We wanted to try the bar which is absolutely fantastic. One just need to buy the drinks and they serve everything from their live counter restaurant which is included in the package. After a good food and drink we walk around the resort and the boundary is fenced with low voltage electric wire. Full night zebra making noise and hyena laughing sounds. These things one need to experience by person, even the words can'nt explain.

Day 5: August 12, 2015
We woke up to the alarm call at 5.00 a.m. After having cup of hot tea we got ready for our safari at 6.30 a.m. It was chilly and bit windy. Before the breaking of the dawn we encountered this Hippo, who had come out of his comfort zone, i mean too far away from the river. The most timid character in Mara. The moment he saw us, he run away.

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The heards marching on to the river bank.

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Two things at Masai Mara is absolutely fantastic. One is Sunrise and other is sunset. These time is just spectacular. Always wanted to click anything during this time will be a image to remember. Morning are difficult as by the time one find his subject it is either late or if one is lucky then.......

Note: I have hardly process these images, due to lack of time. Sorry, but i will upload the best one at the end of the log. Lets the ball rolling. Next update/highlight of the day is just outstanding. This was an outstanding day.............stay tuned...........coming up. 1250 photos i had clicked on this day.


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awesome experience, subrat. One major difference between Kruger and Mara is that in Kruger, you cannot get out of the vehicle, expect at 2 hides.
what a lovely opportunity to walk in the footsteps of these animals.


Subrat Seet
awesome experience, subrat. One major difference between Kruger and Mara is that in Kruger, you cannot get out of the vehicle, expect at 2 hides.
what a lovely opportunity to walk in the footsteps of these animals.
KD Sir, Thank you so much. Even at Mara also one can get down at designated places. Yes, they are pretty flexible and photographer friendly.


Subrat Seet
After the lion sightings, Sitima was getting rest less. He somehow got a message that a cheetah family is around. Full one hour search but no news. We had our breakfast and then Sitima said lets move quickly. Again the search continued. We reached Kenya and Tanzania border. No fencing as per the agreement. Just a sign post. It is for humans to not enter but how can they stop these animals.

We met another vehicle and we decided to search in different direction. If any one see, we will contact through GPRS. Suddenly a vehicle behind us went off road and sitima sled me where is that vehicle? I said that he has gone that way. He got the message and we also had to off road and entered Tanzania slightly.

A sight to remember for life time. Four full grown cubs and a mother cheetah sitting on a mound. It was not easy to reach there as the ground was full of big stones but the land cruises managed. Sitima said that we r in Tanzania, so we don't have much time, so quickly shoot and then we need to move.
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the grasslands and the lions and the cheetahs - you just took my breath away. I do not recall every seeing so many giraffes in one place, thanks for sharing subrat.


I logged into bcmt after a long time today and come across this! It is an absolute treat!! Kenya has long been on my bucket list and your log just shifted it to the top of the list. Do you think Mara is doable with a 2& 1/2 year old child??