Chopsticks, Manali


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In english the meaning is eat your heart out meaning It means feeling jealous. I guess what you want to convey is "Eat to your heart's content"!
Quite right.
I do recall having used this term in another thread!
Hehe, it is NOT a travel experience! He lives there, he belongs there! Eat your heart out, heheheheheh..... :p


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I too stand for the quality & taste of Food served at chopsticks,Manali.
Food is really yummy,though they take a little long to serve.
We tried Veg Fried Rice & Chilly mushrooms,both of which were super tasty & spicy.

A must try place in Manali for having Tibetan & Chinese.


Let me add my 2 cents. It was well past 11 pm, and almost everything on mall road was towards closure. Me and wife requested chopsticks guys to serve us something. The food was fantastic, and though it was past their closing time, they were very courteous and helpful.

Gaurav Chopra

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been to chopsticks thrice over a period of 6yrs -every time have come out burping contentment:D