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This is my story about Churdhar trek which is in Solan (Himachal Pradesh).

Churdhar has trekked from four separate bases. We chose Nohradhar as we have never gone to that place. Nohradhar is a small hilly town amid the clouds. Reaching there by road took us 6 hours from Panchkula/Chandigarh due to heavy rains and slim roads.
However, the experience to ride the motorcycle in rain was enchanting. As it was August month, the rainy season. There were small Landslides on the way. We went to Nohradhar by bike from Chandigarh. I went to do a Churdhar trek with my wife.

Churdhar Temple from Nohradhar base is 16 km uphill trek. We started the trek @ 8 AM in the morning as we checked out of our hotel, Chureshwar resort in Nohradhar. Motorcycle parking is available. The trek is divided into 3 bases.
Base 1 : A small meadow with 2-3 shops named as Jamnaal.
Base 2: Teesri, again a few shops there.
Both these places have options to stay and eat. INR 250 per head.
Approx. time taken to reach Jamnal was 2.5 hours and ahead from jaamnal to Teesri it took approx. 3 more hours.
Base 3: The final base is the Churdhar temple Dharmasala. Which is again 2.5-3 hours trek up from Teesri.
So, Total time taken to trek upwards was 8 hours total.

Night stay is available in Dharmsala run by Churadhar Seva Samiti.

We stayed in Dharmasala. Stay and dinner is free in Dharmsala. The time of dinner is 8 pm to 10 p.m. Churadhar seva samiti takes only charges of blanket @ Rs.10 per blanket.

Anyone who wants to do this trek can stay any of these stay points.

The first and second part of trek is easy but third part of trek is quite difficult and challenging. We took maximum time to reach after teesri to Churdhar temple.

Near Churdhar temple, there is a Churdhar Shivling which is another 1 km trek from temple must go there.

Here are some do's and don'ts of Churdhar trek experience
1. In Churdhar trek do not take a shortcut.
2. Keep a map of Churdhar trek with yourself. The map you get at the starting point of the trek.
3. Do not trek at night because in the mountain there is a danger of animals.
4. Keep a jacket with your self because at the top there is extreme cold there.

If you are going by car or bike to Nohradhar I would suggest you stay in a hotel because you can park your vehicle there.

Churdhar is possible in a single day. Ask locals a Hotel owner in case of any queries, they are always ready to help. Avoid winters to trek.
Enjoy trekking with pics.
If you have any query feel free to ask me.
Happy Trekking.


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This is an excellent, informative and crisp 'Logue of Churdhar trek with lovely pictures. Monsoons give an mystic and romantic aura to mother nature! I have never done this trek. I will keep in mind when in I am visiting Solan/Shimla premises.