CI bullet 1983 jerking


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Then SOMETHING in the ignition system is OFF-stepwise eliminate sparkplug,ignition coil,points,condensor,spark plug lead -do also check the backlash in the ignition/timing gear train
but if the ig system has any misfiring it should affect in all gear right ?
i changed condensor, spark plug ,points

Gaurav Chopra

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Slow speed running in tall gear is basically lugging the engine -extra load without the consequent engine speed -creating extra demand on the ignition system

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@Gaurav Chopra IMO, too much fuel to engine will also make it behave sluggish in higher gear and lower speed and may be that is the reason even Anup sir advised to replace the carburetor and see.

There is no harm is checking I believe.

@AnupamR ,if the OP had had any starting/idling difficulty also,would have advised checking AFR too- since slow speed lugging and starting require almost similar AFR
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