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One more from Hyderabad - this was taken before Sunrise (really missed a GND).

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Last monday evening, I saw a similar sunset. I was travelling in a bus. I had my camera in bag but decided not to click it (being Lazy..)
Its amazing to see to such natural hues through bare eyes.
I would have loved to see the reflection of sky in water below.

I went out shooting with a photography group few weeks back. Best spot (from where we planned to shoot) was occupied and golden hour was just passing, so I was just loitering around.
In this image I have tried to use handrail and stairs to create a sense of space between me and skyline.
Please excuse the distortion in stairs. My Samyang is infamous for distortion.

Chetan Kulkarni

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Chetan, your love for bridges and dusk is unending. I would love to go out shooting cityscapes with you some day. Let me know if you plan to visit Singapore in near future. how about a couple of days layover on your next Aussie trip ?
Thanks Ankur. Would certainly love to shoot some Singapore cityscapes with you. Unfortunately the Aussie assignment is over but let me see if I can conjure up some new destination in the ASEAN region :)