Classic-The Mall , Nainital


Hi all,
On my trip to Kumaro in Feb'09 we stayed at "Classic-The Mall" in Nainital.
The hotel is good and has an excellent location on the mall road facing the Naini Lake.

View from my balcony

The hotel is pricey but in off season there is huge bargaining. We could get a suite for rs 2500 which was originally priced at Rs 8000.

i dont have the pictures of the hotel but all can be found on this link
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I wouldnt recommend having lunch / dinner in the hotel resturant as there are many delicious resturants on the mall road. Breakfast can be taken in this hotel and is pretty decent.


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You mention, we can get better rates in off season. What is actually considered off season in Nainital and surrounding areas? We live in Pune, and in the surrounding hill stations here, season is usually mid March to mid June, and the rest is off season.

We are planning to go to Nainital in winter. My 3-yr old son especially wants to be there when it snows. Would we be normally charged peak season rates in Dec 25th to Jan 3rd because of the holdiays? Would we be able to get off-season rates if we instead go in mid Jan to end of Jan?



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Hey, Amit, did you park your car on that ludicrous steep ramp of theirs?!!
All cars in series, so that no one can get his car out when they fancy? :grin:

There are far better deals to be had in Nainital, than the Classic!
Any hotel would feel challenged when pitched against The Grand. :)


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I have stayed in Classic a few times.

Nice hotel with amazing views. The suite balcony opens facing the Mall road. The suite has 2 double beds and 2 washrooms.

Was priced at 6500 back in 2004/05