Clutch Burners Anonymous


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Well, it was the last sunday before my Leh ride. Bike had come back with a brand new clutch/redone shocks/head decarb etc etc. So it was time to rip its guts out, for testing, and some shit n giggles.

The place chosen was Kanij, some ~30km away from home. The site of the dry Vatrak river. Sand, loads of it.

Firstly, i went out at 4pm to test out the sweat=weightloss theory.
80-100 kph in full heat = massive thirst + Zero weightloss

Anyways, rest of it really short:
Went off next to the bridge - got offroad for 300m, managed to almost burn clutch and make a complete ass of myself.
Thought for the day:
Pulsie is not close to KaTooooM by a mile.

Just after the bridge, 100m on:

A bit ahead, the brand new jumbos:D

Another 100m on, bike was by now moving on pedal power

where the bike completely gave up, and pedal power just went for a toss:

Final , after a hasty retreat, realized i'd traced the question of life:

WTF are we doing out here? Pat came the reply, Nothing. At all :D

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Master of the OT Universe
Actually none. The only time I felt the heat, was my throat going dry, in pushing the bike.

After that I had 6 pouches of water (about 1.5L), and two glasses of mango shake. I'm pretty dead sure I weighed more on re-entering my house :D

Oh and the only place where I sweated consistently was my socks :D But 11 kg from there, nahhhh!! :D

Yogesh Sarkar

Good one Hitanshu, loosing weight this was isn’t all that good. I did loose 3-4kgs during the last Ladakh ride, mostly due to water loss. But it was all back with in week after I came back home.

Sachin is right, tread pattern is in the wrong direction.


Incredible Bulk
The Jumbo tread is similar to FKR in pattern but is in reverse direction ... the arrow is in the right direction.

Yogesh Sarkar

But wouldn’t it be better if you ignore what TVS thinks and put the tyre in the same manner as FKR? I think I had read some where about tread patterns and according to that FKR’s tread pattern is in the right direction.