Coastline of Gujarat / X-Pulse's First Long Ride / Beaches, Temples, Villages, Lighthouses and Ports of Coastal Gujarat.


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Excellent Start and Photo.

Question ?

Most of your stay/Accommodation till now are in the BAPS Swaminarayan Temple's, Why ?
Thanks, why my stays are mostly at temple:
1. It's Cheap (both accommodation and food)
2. Valsad Temple is fabulous with excellent location
3. It's Safe both for humans and machine (good parking) as well.
4. Accommodation for us during such travel is just proper rest.

Nice photos to aptly support the beautiful Travelogue.
Though offbeat but for understanding, Wesleyan church is a protestant church which will not give importance to Mary. But Catholics consider Mary as a holy woman and prays and petitions to God also through Mary.
Remote and lonely places are beautiful but do consider adventure over risk when the spouse is accompanying. But I believe you have meticulously planned the route and have good prior knowledge of these places.
Thank you Sir, for explaining about Weslayan and Catholics Christians. I understand your worry, but we strictly didn't ride at night, apart from this, above route isn't isolated and nearest city can be accessed in maximum 90 minutes.

@nndp87, बहुत सी जानकारी से भरा यात्रा वर्णन! आप दोनों पति-पत्नि तारीफ़ के हक़दार हैं!!

मैं बीसीएमटूरिंग और उसके सक्रिय सदस्यों को हार्दिक धन्यवाद देता हूँ, जो विस्तृत जानकारी और सुन्दर तस्वीरों के माध्यम से भारत के सुदूर इलाकों से परिचय करवाते हैं. मैं थोड़ा तो घूमा हूँ कार से, पर ऎसी घुमक्कड़ी तो मैं सोच भी नही सकता. इसीलिए, घर बैठे ये सारे अनुभव हमें देने के लिए, पुनःश्च आभार.
Thank you so much for the kind words.


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D3: Original plan of D3 was to catch RoRo Ferry operating between Dahej & Ghogha and reach Bhavnagar, however ferry was non-operational due to siltation at Dahej Port and due to this reason we had to circumnavigate the gulf. In technical terms, one should go towards Dahej from Bharuch, thereafter explore salt pans and proceed towards Jambusar and then continue ahead towards Saurashtra region of Gujarat, but we decided to skip Dahej part and proceeded towards a village called Kavi. We were completely geared up in winter gears since mornings were very cold. The route to Kavi goes through double laned state highway. Jambusar is the major town en route.

What is special about this village Kavi?
Shree Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple is located on the beach of Kavi Village. The specialty about this temple is that during high tide it submerges under the sea. One can visit the temple only during low tide. For more details you can visit below mentioned website.

BAPS Swaminarayan Temple, Bharuch

Shree Stambheshwar Mahadev Temple, Kavi



IMG_4231 V1.jpg



IMG_4250 V1.jpg


IMG_4267 V1.jpg


IMG_4269 V1.jpg

Beach of Kavi

After blissful darshan at the temple we marked our way back towards main road and proceeded towards Dhuvaran, Dhuvaran is a power plant town located on the coast of Gujarat, it is settlement under the control of Gujarat State Electricity Corporation Limited. One can see mind-blowing views of Gulf of Khambhat. The roads were fabulous throughout. Our documents and luggage were thoroughly checked at the entrance gate of Dhuvaran, we made it to the last point of the settlement and the views were simply mind blowing. It was time to move ahead and explore the town of Khambhat.

BAPS Swaminarayan Temple, Somewhere between Kavi and Jambusar

IMG_4296 v1.jpg

This is basically a shorter route for going towards Khambhat from Kavi bypassing Jambusar, it's called Canal Road

Entry Gate of Dhuvaran

View of Gulf from Dhuvaran


Dhuvaran Plant

The ride to Khambhat from Dhuvaran is 25 Kilometers. We had always read about Gulf of Khambhat in our Geography Textbook during our school days. Finally we were seeing it in real. The sea or the gulf has receded behind and there was no sign of water from the view point, we ventured inside for few kilometers, still there was was no water here, we thoroughly enjoyed our time at the view point by riding the bike on the beach followed by a photo shoot. It was time to say good bye to Gulf of Khambhat and proceed ahead.

Khambhat Town, Clock Tower


Photoshoot in Gulf of Khambhat




Port Road, Khambhat

Today we would enter Saurashtra region of Gujarat, our destination for the night was Bhavnagar which is 138 kilometeres from Khambhat, the roads were good till Dholera, post Dholera entire National Highway all the way till Somnath is under construction with lot of diversions, finally we reached Sanes, the point where you leave National Highway going towards Somnath and take left towards Bhavnagar, we rode non-stop from Khambhat via Vataman till Sanes, After a brief stop for 10 minutes at Sanes we continued ahead and made it to Bhavnagar by 6.30 PM.

Somewhere near Vataman


Barren land, just before Bhavnagar Town
IMG_20191223_174049 V1.jpg

This cable bridge is entry point of Bhavnagar

Today it was more of a distance covering than exploring, the major reason is RoRo ferry, even as of now it's shut. Bhavnagar is major town in Saurashtra region of Gujarat. Lot of interesting places to visit in Bhavnagar ranging from temples to forts. Local food in Bhavnagar is not to be missed. We spent evening exploring road side food of Bhavnagar such as Pav Gathiya, Bhugada Bateka (Friums with Spicy Potato), sandwiches, etc. The best place to eat street food is Ghogha Circle and Sanskar Mandal area of Bhavnagar.

Map View.jpg

GMap Link:
Bharuch to Bhavnagar:


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@nndp87 Your right Swaminarayan Food and Accommodation are good and at a reasonable rate.

Bike is excellent would like to hear more about it too.

I am sure you would had excellent riding experience between Mahuva to Porbandar Stretch through Div and Somnath (If the Road repairing has been Completed) .
Entirely different type of Travelogue. The Places you visited are entirely new and most of them are unknown to me. But the explanations about the places with the beautiful pictures are very nice. Enjoying the travelogue very much. Waiting for the rest.


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D4: We started early from Bhavnagar because there were lot of places to cover, so by 7.30 AM we were on our way towards first destination of the day, Nishkalank Mahadev Temple near Koliyak Village which is 20 Kilometers from Bhavnagar.

Specialty about Nishkalank Mahadev Temple:
The temple can be visited only during low tide. The walk to temple from Koliyak Beach is some 800 meters, it is not easy as you would be walking through wet and slippery layer of soil. The temple is entirely submerged under water during high tide. When you look at the temple from Koliyak Beach, it looks stunning, especially during sunrise. It's a must visit place if you are around Bhavnagar.

This is the path you will walk through to reach the temple


Nishkalank Mahadev Temple, During high tide, only flag is visible
IMG_4438 v1.jpg

IMG_4443 v1.jpg
IMG_4445 v1.jpg
IMG_4444 v1.jpg
IMG_4466 v1.jpg
IMG_4476 v1.jpg


Birds kept flying

After darshan, we were on our way towards next destination for the day, Alang Ship breaking Yard. Alang Ship breaking Yard is 50 Kilometers from Bhavnagar, its is divided into 2 parts, North Side and South Side, the best way to explore this place is first ride to any of the one side and then slowly keep riding to other side. Basically land near the beach has been bifurcated into the plots and given to the companies involved in ship breaking activity, technically you won't be permitted inside, however you can try your luck. Apart from this there are numerous small openings in between this plots from where you can see the ship breaking activity. Lot of material from the ship is on the sale in the market area of Alang. If you are lucky you might see the ships which you have never imagined. Again a must visit place, if you are on this side of the country.

The North End of Alang Ship Breaking Yard

The opening between plots, I was talking about

Ships taking their last breath
IMG_4489 v1.jpg
IMG_4490 v1.jpg
IMG_4506a v1.jpg

I think, this must be anchor cable, not sure

The Company, which allowed us to visit their premises

For memory

Moving ahead, our next destination was Gopnath Mahadev Temple. We always opted for internal village road, it might be slow compared to fast state highways but you will enjoy the ride and will come across real India and also the real motto of this ride was to stay as close as possible to the coast.

Local Tempo, carrying passengers

Fryums with Potato called as Bhugada Bataka in Gujarat

A seat with a view


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We made it Gopnath Madadev Temple, a sprawling temple on the coast with beach and lighthouse, it also has an option for food and accommodation in case you require. We didn't visit light house in Gopnath.

Gopnath Mahadev Temple
IMG_4528 v1.jpg
IMG_4530 v1.jpg

Our next destination is Bhutada Dada Temple, we kept riding as per GMaps, however GMap was incorrect here, I checked with locals in the village of Uncha Kotada and they told me that temple can be accessed only through off road trail and a river crossing and advised us not to venture ahead, because if one gets stuck, help is miles away, so we took their advice and moved ahead to Mahuva, Mahuva is a simple coastal town and the best place in any coastal town would be either beach or lighthouse, the ride to Mahuva Light house also known as Jegri Light house is beautiful. The light house staff was surprised and excited to see us, especially when they came to know that we are riding all the way from Mumbai and are keen to visit the lighthouse. We were allowed to visit the lighthouse in spite of odd timings. The view from the top is simply mind blowing, let pictures do the talking.

Jegri Light House, Mahuva
IMG_4542 v1.jpg
IMG_4553 v1.jpg
IMG_4554 v1.jpg

After visiting Mahuva Light house it was time to push towards the last destination of the day, Chanch Bungalow. Chanch Bungalow also known as Vijay Mahal is abandoned palace of King of Bhavnagar Shree Krishna Kumar Sinhji built in 1945. The location of palace is again out of the world, bang on the coast, from the balconies of the fort one gets amazing views of sea, however why it was abandoned, no idea, if anyone here has any information, please share it.

Salt Pan on the way to Chanch Bungalow

Chanch Bungalow

IMG_4638 v1.jpg

After visiting Chanch Bungalow, we moved towards Pipavav, I knew there were few hotels near Pipavav on highway. So by 7 PM we checked into Hotel Darshan near Pipavav.

A seat with a view

Last few rays of day light

Today's View from my GMaps Timeline

GMap Link:
Bhavnagar to Pipavav: Bhavnagar to APM Terminals Pipavav
Accomodation: Hotel Darshan, Pipavav: Hotel Darshan